Best Seduction Methods You Should Follow

There are many “myths and legends” about everything you need to do to make a beautiful woman feel attracted to you; exercises, fortune, social position, clothes, perfumes, luxury vehicles.

In short, a whole series of clich├ęs in the best James Bond style that is really impossible to achieve.

But the truth is much simpler, it is enough with only four simple, but effective methods of seduction so that any girl, however sexy she may seem, falls at your feet.

Most of the seduction strategies you need are in the place you least expect, and you do not need to wait until you become a billionaire or become an Adonis; Nothing is further from reality.

Best Seduction Methods You Should Follow

1.- Your physique does not matter.

You did not read wrong, this is the absolute truth, your physique has nothing to do with the fact of making any sexy girl fall at your feet, you can spend hours in a gym and then end up sad and just pleasing yourself in the bathroom of your home, while a chubby guy (who already knows these tricks) goes to bed with the sexiest girl on the block.

So the first trick is to forget everything you have been made to believe about your appearance and any amount of nonsense to sell you hundreds of items that you do not really need.

2. No matter how sexy she is.

Some fools, who try to be gurus and claim to know the best methods of seduction, will try to induce you to seduce girls not so sexy … this is the most absurd thing you can do.

Ideas like “seduce the less hot of the group to unleash the envy of the sexy girl” or “the less sexy are easier to conquer” are simply a bunch of nonsense.

Because the truth, you can conquer any girl you want, no matter how many gallants she has around or how beautiful and sexy she looks at each moment … what really matters … well … you’ll find out later, but it’s not about How she looks, not at all.

3. Everything is in the mind … in yours or hers.

This is probably one of the most important, something that will change your life forever in a way you can not even imagine.

Women are very clever and always plan every step they take, so it is important that you can enter in one of her most important points.

But to achieve this you have to have yours fully prepared and one hundred percent adapted to everything necessary to decipher the key points or secrets that will open the doors of paradise.