Best Aphrodisiacs For Women

In most couples, part of a good relationship is a good sex life.

However, this is not always easy: each person’s libido may not be in tune with that of their partner. This has been noticed for millennia, so they began to look for aphrodisiacs for the female sex.

The best ones, from yesterday and today, are the ones that follow:

Best Aphrodisiacs For Women

1. Oysters.

A classic among aphrodisiac foods.

Since its introduction, it is insinuated as something sexual, almost obscene, and can be eaten inside its own shell.

It has a high zinc content, which increases testosterone levels.

There are places in the world, like in Cambados (on the coast of Spain), where oysters are consumed instead of using ViƔgara, and it seems to work without problems.

2. Caviar.

Not only is it one of the most expensive foods of today: its high content of Zinc and proteins allows an increase in energy.

With the fame of decadent delight, was favorite of the famous personage Casanova, very known by his love conquests.

3. Truffles.

Already in the time of ancient Rome, they were known to be aphrodisiacs.

The aroma, detected by female bristles (which are used to find truffles) also works on people.

While there are those who find their aroma too strong to be attractive, cooking with truffles is a very sensual culinary experience.

4. Figs.

These fruits are sexy both in appearance and in texture.

It is said that they were the favorites of Cleopatra, one of the most intelligent, charismatic and sensual women in history.

Some cultures associate them with fertility, and it is one of the fruits with the oldest written records.

With large amounts of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and C, added to their sugar content, they are a quick and tasty source of energy.

5. Grenades.

It is speculated if this is the fruit that Eve ate in the Bible, due to its properties.

According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite, goddess of love, procreation, and pleasure, planted the first tree of pomegranates in the world.

Its antioxidants increase blood flow and testosterone levels.

6. Red wine.

Moderate amounts of this drink can lower inhibitions.

Well combined with food, it can make a tastier dish and increases endorphin levels.

In addition, it has antioxidants and increases good cholesterol.

7. Chocolate.

It is one of the first that comes to mind when we think of aphrodisiacs for women.

Besides being delicious, it can be used in many ways and is associated with love and passion.

Increases endorphin levels, which leads to a feeling of general well-being.

Strawberries covered with chocolate are always a hit.

8. Ginseng.

It has been proven that ginseng is one of the elements of the list that works best, not because of its fame or how it has been represented culturally, but by its own merits, proven by science.

9. Cannabis.

As much as it sounds incredible, smoking some marijuana can increase the female libido.

In small doses, it works, but if you smoke too much, you reach a relaxation phase known by the world culture.

The possession and use of this plant are legal in some countries of the world, but if it is illegal where you live, it is advisable that you try with the other points of the list.

10. Vanilla.

In the Aztec culture, vanilla was used to aromatize cocoa and its derivatives, but it was the Hindus who found its aphrodisiac properties.

In this case, vanilla works better as a flavoring than as a food, since its smell increases sexual arousal in women.

11. Jasmine.

Another type of scent that women find exciting is that of jasmine.

Whether in perfumes, oils or candles, this scent, of Arab origin and quickly adopted in Europe, can be somewhat cloying for some women, so it is recommended to mix it with lavender, mint or basil.

12. Words.

The Chilean writer Isabel Allende, winner of many literary awards of great importance, states that “for women, the best aphrodisiac is the words; The G Point is in the ears, the one who looks below is wasting time.”

A few well-spoken words can make a woman feel her desire increase.