Behaviors that will make you lose the woman you love

Not paying attention and not listening to her could end your relationship.

Love is a feeling that feeds every day, or otherwise, the chances of it lasting forever are diminishing.

In the case of women, they are continually giving meaning to each situation, which is why it is very important to pay attention to them.

She will begin to question the change in your behavior and wonder what are the reasons why you are together.

Although they may seem details without relevance, little by little the love that she feels for you will be disintegrating.

Next, know what those attitudes are that could be keeping the woman you love away from:

Behaviors that will make you lose the woman you love

1. Stopping having small details.

Taking her hand or seeing her in the eyes are gestures that women value very much since it means that man is hopelessly in love.

2. Not asking her questions about how she feels.

The lack of interest and lack of attention are very perceptible.

If the attitude is constant, disappointment arrives.

3. Being defensive.

Reacting with anger when she feels some doubt about the relationship, will also cause disappointment because you do not know how to understand her.

4. Stopping to make her laugh.

Having the ability to take things with a sense of humor is a point in your favor since smiles bring people together.

When this does not happen again, the romance cools and the desire to be together is diluted.