Behaviors that make a man unbearable for women

Just as women have attitudes that exasperate men, men are not alien to the situation either.

The worst thing is that they assume these ways believing that they are striking for the opposite sex, but they are just the opposite because they become so annoying that they can even lead to the end of the friendship if the woman who tries to endure exhausts her patience.

With regard to these behaviors, nex you will find the four that most favor a woman to stay away from the man for mere weariness, or even terror:

 Behaviors that make a man unbearable for women


1. A flirtatious attitude.


When it is directed towards the woman they court, it does not represent a major problem, since that makes them attractive.

The problem begins when, already having a relationship, they continue behaving as if they did not have a partner.

It also turns out to be an annoying attitude when a certain man looks at a woman with the complete intention of wooing her shamelessly, gives gifts unnecessarily and even when he and the woman in question are friends, with the clear intention of compromising or so that she feels “obligated” by correspondence effects or “debt” to accept the courtship.

2. The insistence or harassment.


If there is an annoying, harassing attitude and, most of all, terrifying is that a man becomes insistent in courtship towards a woman when, with certain gestures, she has tried to be clear that she has no interest in him.

Something that is also quite uncomfortable and generates fear is that they arrive by surprise at the house where the woman lives, or at her place of work. To appear out of nowhere as if he knew at all times the place where she is going to be is an undesirable and terrifying attitude.

On one occasion, a woman told me that she was desperate and did not know how to let him know, once and for all, a man who courted her and she had already rejected, that she had no intention of going out with him. If she was at work, the guy showed up at the time of the exit to accompany her to her house or if she was leaving for work, he was there every day. She really was scared.

3. The unpredictable.


Another situation that almost no woman knows how to react to is when a man she is just dating or is meeting makes some unexpected suggestion.

It is not that she wants to have everything under control, it is that it is horrible and misplaced that out of nowhere the person she is with, comes up with something like the case that I will describe below:

In an Internet publication, a woman commented in a forum: “I was on a first date with a man when he began to boast about a huge estate he had. That’s fine, but then he started saying ‘I could hide anyone there and nobody would ever find the body’ jokes. I was more than surprised. Suffice it to say that I did not meet him again. ”

A man may want to impress, that’s not bad, but there must be limits, and the previous case is exactly the wrong way to do it.

It is also not nice to receive compliments (compliments) type: “You’re so pretty that you should not have boyfriends”, what does a man mean when he says that?

4. Those who feel openly desirable or the best match.


Nothing more uncomfortable and that gives a bad impression that a man who feels essential and who is, in fact, a complete braggart.

Those men who feel that if she lets them go she’s the one who will lose, “the last chance to go out with someone like him” is not only annoying, it is completely disrespectful.

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