Behavior Of A Woman Who Is Secretly In Love

We will find what are the signs that a woman has when she is in love and is not able to tell you. With this, you will be able to recognize the feelings that a girl has towards you so you can leave the doubt and know what you can do later.

Do you want to know if she feels something for you?

We will show you what is the behavior of a woman in love.

Behavior Of A Woman Who Is Secretly In Love

1. It seems as if she were under the influence of some drug.

Even if you think it’s a joke, it’s not. There are women you notice as if they were drugged or under the influence of something, because they laugh too much, sometimes even without meaning.

It is natural that when the person who attracts you approaches or is within your sensory field (sight, smell, sound or touch) some things change in women’s behavior even if it is in a strange way.

This is because there is a release of a large number of hormones when “the special person” is near, especially this occurs in the early stages of falling in love.

A woman in love laughed out loud at even the dumbest jokes of the guy she likes.

Another sign that we find when a girl is close to the person who attracts her is that she becomes more expressive, shyness disappears and radiates self-confidence and she likes to talk about many subjects.

This is because biologically all her body has been paid with serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

2. Imitates some expressions of the beloved person.

When we are interested in someone or feel a lot of sympathy, it is natural that we begin to imitate unconsciously some gestures or expressions.

They even copy words that the other person uses or expressions that he says. When these details appear, it becomes almost obvious the interest that woman has on that person.

In this case, it is the subconscious that is betraying the woman to try to attract him to her.

3. Remember things you have told her.

One of the most frequent behaviors in a woman in love is that she remembers details that at some point you have told her.

It’s not about being a woman with a very good memory (they all have it). She remembers it basically because she wants to know you in depth. It’s like when we find a topic and we want to know it better, information is worth gold.

If this is your case, this woman is definitely in love with you.

4. Care to understand you and know what your motivations are.

As we all know people have different motivations. But if a girl is interested in spending time and knowing many things about you, it is a sign that she is attracted.

If the girl asks you and shows a lot of curiosity about your things, your feelings, and your past, or is eager to knowing a gossip, or is definitely in love with you.

But in this case, we are going to be optimistic and we will say that you definitely attract her.

5. Tries to please you.

When a woman is in love with a man she will always try to please him.

If you like an author, and she gives you a series of its books, it’s almost like a statement. Surely it will be accompanied by a message or words that invite you to enjoy it because she knows what makes you happy.

Another thing that normally happens is that she accompanies you or invites you to an event or a place she knows you like, even if she is not a fan, she does it simply because she wants to see you happy.

6. Shows jealousy when you talk to other women.

Love is selfish, when a woman loves you, takes care of you, but she also gets a little possessive and jealous.

If you notice that she is jealous when you talk to other girls, this is one of the clearest and easiest signs to know if a woman is secretly in love with you.

It is likely that she likes to review your Facebook profile, photos, states on Snapchat or Instagram, she will take the opportunity to look at the messages you share with other people.