Basic Points to Recover Your Ex-girlfriend

Here I will share 4 basic points to recover your former partner.

The idea is that of all the advice I am giving you, take those that you can apply immediately, and work on those that are more difficult to change, such as improving your personality which is key.

Basic Points to Recover Your Ex-girlfriend

Basic Points to Recover Your Ex-girlfriend

4 Basic Points You Should Do Right Now To Recover Your Ex:

Basic Points to Recover Your Ex-girlfriend

1. Do not try to contact your ex every day.

Do you really want to recover your ex?

This advice is the most basic and is in which the vast majority fails.

I went through this and made the same mistake, I did not imagine life without the person I love the most and the first thing I did was to bombard her with messages and calls, a big mistake.

If you are making this mistake you should stop it as soon as possible.

Remember that not only is the contact zero, also avoid sending flowers and gifts or invitations to go out, the only thing you will cause is that your ex moves further.

2. Do not show her how depressed you are.

Another mistake that we commit the great majority is “making us the victim” to show your ex how bad you are going through the breakup, even many have come to the extreme of making a woman believe that they will take their life!.

Doing this is forcing your ex to be with you and believe me it will not work in the long term, that is, if you do not attack the problem at the root it will only make things worse.

Do you like depressed, problematic women, those who whine about everything?

The same happens in a woman, they prefer to be with a happy, fun man who always has a solution to any kind of problem.

So if your plan was to show her how badly you are going through it in order to get her back, you should change your strategy right now or just like the previous point: You will take her further away.

3. Do not go out with other women in order to cause jealousy.

Another typical mistake, to think that with jealousy your ex will beg you to return.

Going out with women to make her jealous will only hurt her and it will make everything worse.

If she already had a strong reason why the relationship came to an end, now she will have one more reason to avoid coming back to you.

You can go out with friends, no problem, but do it in order to show that everything is still normal in your life.
That you accepted the break and continue with your life.

Maybe she will notice that several girls are after you, but she must realize that you only have eyes for her.

4. Do not beg to return.

Have you done it?

Do not worry, you’re not the only one.

This is another of the common mistakes we make when we lose the person we love the most: Pray to return.

This makes you look pathetic and needy.

Sure, you want to explain to her that it’s all your fault, to forgive you and that if she returns, everything will change.

But, you must understand that the relationship is two people and both must take their responsibilities and respect each other.

If you beg and act in a desperate way, the only thing you will cause is that she will get away from you.