Attitudes that women love about men and they don’t know it

Now, what do women love about men and they do not even know it?

Attitudes that women love about men and they don't know it

Attitudes that women love about men and they don’t know it

Attitudes that women love about men and they don’t know it

1. That smells rich.

Of course, it’s not about publicity, but in an article on the Men’s and beauty portal, the men’s fragrances that attract the opposite sex are mentioned, among them: One Million (Paco Rabanne), Boss Bottled (Hugo Boss) and Allure (Channel).

2. That you like to share time with her family and friends.

A boy who is isolated from her circle does not suit her because they will have problems in the future.

Women love that they strive to establish a cordial relationship with their friends, but especially with the family.

3. Power of decision.

It is not possible for you or any man at 30 to continue living in his parents’ house or worst of all, that he does not have a plan of what he wants.

Indecision, instability, and immaturity have never captivated a woman’s heart and NEVER will.

A mature man with decision power is one who is not afraid of compromise, who is not ashamed to show his feelings, who has ambition in his work and in life, who is successful, but humble at the same time.

4. Thoughtful.

Women are more auditory than men, which is why they appreciate listening to warm words and expressions more.

Flattery is more effective than a gift.

The weakness of any girl is to find a thoughtful man.

It is not the kind of man who fills the office with flowers, believing it is a nice detail, but the one who changes the day with a single flower.

Or that has so many skills that is a right-hander in the kitchen.

5. Good memory.

If they are able to remember the complete alignment of a football game during a World Cup, how do they miss the anniversary date of marriage or courtship? Batteries!

6. The “Tough” types.

You may have heard that girls like “bad guys”, and it’s true.

Of course, when they refer to this term, do not talk about people who hurt them but those who are brave, daring and who are willing to everything, as long as they are not arrogant or rude.

7. Gestures that make women fall in love.

A wink in the middle of dinner where she’s surrounded by people; Taking her hand and kissing it, while driving without taking your eyes off the road; to say “I love you” with delicacy without having to come from a conversation or a long surprise kiss …

The secret is not in doing great things but in taking care of the little details.

Girls rarely put on top of everything the physical appearance of a man.

Of course, you might be attractive physically but it does not mean it’s the first thing she noticed when she met you.