Attitudes that women hate in bed

Currently, women express their sexual needs openly as men, so they know how to demand their right to be pleased.

Attitudes that women hate in bed

Attitudes that women hate in bed

To help you create a session full of pleasure, presents some sexual postures and attitudes that they hate in bed.

Write them down!

Attitudes that women hate in bed

1.- Brute force:

Women do not like that men use extreme force during sexual postures and especially in oral sex.

Although every man wants to have a pleasant sensation with a strong pressure, this can generate dissatisfaction and discomfort in the intimacy.

2.- Anal sex:

Some studies show that 70% of women are against it, and it is very rare when it is proposed directly by them.

Men, on the other hand, are more curious to try this new experience; In the end, many women indulge their partner to end the routine, despite their displeasure.

3.- Monotony:

Young women demand hundreds of changes in sexual positions in intimacy to avoid monotony.

When men prefer to perform only one position they can generate boredom and lack of desire in them.

Be more creative!

4. – Sexual postures:

The position called “puppy” is not the best for the most romantic since the looks and kisses are impossible.

They look for more closeness with their partner and above all, they give a lot of importance to the preliminary games.

5.- Questioning:

Beyond some sexual positions, they hate the post-sex questions or uncomfortable statements:

Did you like it ?, What do you think of my size ?, “I swear it was never over so quickly”, “is that I do not fit the condoms. ”

In particular, what women hate is that men go directly to the action and leave aside the caresses, kisses, and demonstrations of passion, or that they fall asleep after finishing a good session of sexual postures.

Surely you have more proposals, right?