Attitudes That Will Make You More Attractive To Women

Each culture has its stereotypes, but in fact, in most cultures, an important quality beyond physical features is the way we act and demonstrate strength, security, harmony.

This attitude is a way of thinking and it is also a gesture that is shown with the body, which speaks for itself and our body gesture expresses if we are sad, tired, bored, or happy, vitalized, harmonious and above all, sure of ourselves.

So if all this time you thought that the key was in your physique, you were wrong. For more money to invest in empty expenses, the solution is not outside but in that combination of behaviors and attitudes that has to do with your way of standing before the world.

Attitudes That Will Make You More Attractive To Women

1. Improve your posture.

Whether you are chunky or not, your complexion is thin or thick, standing straight is a reflection that you are a balanced and focused person.

Whenever you bend your back you will not only look like you are tired, but your abdomen will inevitably bulge up and reflect heaviness and laziness. Bad posture eventually damages your bodily health, your body, your spine, and even your mood.

Start by aligning yourself, keep your head up, your shoulders back, your back straight, your abdomen controlled, your hip in its center and above all, your breathing calm, with that posture you will breathe in yourself extremely attractive security.

2. Look straight.

Looking straight ahead and not looking at the floor or the clouds is a sign that you are a man of the present.

Positioning yourself here and now will allow you to communicate better with others, do not forget that visual communication is also an art.

A look expresses frankness, clarity, and attention, so do not be afraid to look straight ahead, that will always captivate even your enemies.

3. Smile without looking.

It is not necessary to look like a jester to get attention or look nice. The seriousness also involves a halo of mysticism, so it is better to give the pattern to invite to decipher you and someone else to make an effort to penetrate that barrier to get even a slight smile.

Of course, it is different from being serious to force yourself to become interesting, a good sense of humor is never fought with attraction.

4. Exercise.

Keeping yourself exercised will not only give tone to your muscles.

It is not necessary that you have a ripped ab, however, we know that exercise helps to release stress and maintain, in addition to a better mood and attitude, a strong body.

The strength is always attractive, not as a symbol of the strong male, but who is able to lose fear, overcome obstacles and face life.

5. Keep your head up.

It is different to keep your head high than to take a bullish attitude, very typical of the classic male. Keeping your head upright means staying dignified and in your center despite the defeats.

If women have been identified with the moon, men have been identified with the sun, a sun that does not go out and that is always bright and strong. You have the right to moments of defeat, to mourn, to stumble and fall, but to stay whole is to know that you must rise again.

6. Cultivate your intelligence.

Wisdom is a key element that makes anyone more attractive, so that like a magnet is the guideline for people to enjoy your company and want to be close to you.

Read, cultivate your wisdom, not only will you have issues to talk about and exchange.

7. Be courteous, humble and magnanimous.

Kindness and humility are the most valuable qualities of men, to be magnanimous is to give yourself to others and conduct yourself with righteousness.

These are the qualities that will make you not only attractive but even admired.

8. Wear a beard in your style.

For women, male facial features have been associated with high levels of testosterone and a strong immune system, which is perceived as a good quality for procreation.

Let’s add to this a cultural perception that refers to the “manly”. Despite this there are hairless men, the important thing is to put care on your face and the way your beard gives you personality and style.

If you have a beard and decide to let it grow, take care of it and pay attention that the appearance of your face is essentially clean.

9. Stay relaxed.

A stressed man generates a situation: nobody will want to be around you. When you are stressed, your hormone levels change and are a negative factor because they will make you less attractive.

10. Bet everything on your plays.

Nothing more attractive than a daring, risky man, perhaps dreams of cliché, but the passion for what you do and your ability to bet everything on a job, a relationship, and your own dreams, will be contagious and reflect that you are a clinging of life.

Nothing more attractive for those who can see in you a potential life partner.

After watching these attitudes, you will surely have some elements to get the best out of yourself. The brands try to sell us stereotypes, these images of men that only exist in magazines, but to be attractive, you only need to be yourself and find in yourself the most comfortable position so that your attractiveness, rather than a farce, is a natural expression of who you really are.

Remember that you set the rules of the game and how attractive you will be if you conceive yourself to enter the arena.