Attitudes That Make A Man More Attractive To Women

What is it that makes a man attractive? A lot has to do with his personality.

Attitudes That Make A Man More Attractive To Women

1. Look straight.

Looking into the eyes is underestimated, but it is terribly attractive because it demonstrates confidence and security.

In addition, seeing a man walking looking ahead and not to the sides or with his head down is a sign that he is focused on what he wants.

He shows frankness, clarity and above all, attention.

2. Exercise.

Keeping yourself exercised is a sign that you care about your body and health, it is not necessary that you are full of muscles or that you have the best abdomen in the world, the fact of going for a run in the morning or doing weights in the afternoon shows that you are in balance with your body.

In addition, having a training routine is a sign of perseverance and responsibility.

3. Keep your head up.

Holding your head up demonstrates a positive attitude, holding your head upright means that you are a person with dignity above all, in addition to great integrity.

4. Intelligence.

Nothing is more attractive than an intelligent man who knows how to discuss and defend his ideas.

Wisdom is key for anyone to look more attractive.

You do not need to know about all the topics in the world, but at least you can have a mature conversation.

5. Be courteous, humble and magnanimous.

Kindness and humility are the most valuable qualities of men, to be magnanimous is to give yourself to others and conduct yourself with righteousness.

These are the qualities that will make you not only attractive but even admired.

6. Beard.

For many women, facial hair shows virility, it is one of the masculine traits that have been associated with high levels of testosterone.

It is true that not everyone likes it, but 90% of women love to see a man with a beard.

7. Stay relaxed.

Knowing how to handle problems without getting upset or being always calm is quite attractive, no woman likes to be near a stressful or tense man.

8. Intrepid and adventurous.

Nothing more attractive than a daring, adventurous man.

The passion for what you do and your ability to bet everything on a job, a relationship, and your own dreams, will be contagious and reflect that you are clinging to like.

Nothing more attractive for whoever could get to see in you a potential life partner.