Attitudes That A Woman Admires From A Man

If you want to know what a woman admires from a man, pay attention to these attitudes that can make you a magnet for girls.

There are many things that make a girl turn her head and fix her attention on someone. In this edition, we show you some of the attitudes that a woman admires from a man, those that make her fall in love and that makes her lose her mind for that man.

Attitudes That A Woman Admires From A Man

1. He knows how to keep his word.

If he says “I promise you that I will not” in spite of the circumstances, he fulfills it, because his word is a signature of what he is and what his actions say.

2. He is intelligent.

Looking for cultivation, he has a constant spirit of improvement. He knows how to be a strategist, talking about any subject he’s asked and gets ahead with his intellect.

3. Man who respects himself knows how to listen.

Before speaking, he knows how to listen. Pays attention to what she says, what she feels and what that symbolizes for her.

4. He sees life with a sense of humor.

If there is something that a woman admires of a man, it is someone who knows how to find the funny side of life. He does not take his person so seriously and knows how to convey the joy that he has inside.

5. Lets out his feminine side without grieving.

He is not afraid to let his feminine side out, because he is in balance.

He knows that his masculinity is something intrinsic, so he doesn’t get lost if he sings or dresses differently than society expects from him.

6. He knows how to set pride aside.

When he makes a mistake, before creating a problem, he is willing to solve it even if he has to leave pride aside. He knows that it is important to have pride, but it is not vital.

7. Has ambition.

If you want to know what a woman admires from a man, you must have ambition. A man knows how to project what he wants and where he is going. He sets goals, ways to grow and keeps improving before anything.

8. He does not see the commitment with fear but as a path.

Although he takes a commitment seriously and gives him a little fear, he is not reluctant to it, as he sees in this a path to something else, such as an investment in the construction of something wonderful.

9. He knows how to be a gentleman above all.

He is able to respect himself as well as others and with that, giving its place to everything, especially his partner. He knows how to give value to everything in his life as well as maintain his priorities.

10. He is a feminist.

Recognizes the value of a woman and defends her place in society. He is convinced that through gender equity and working to improve the female condition, one of the biggest changes on the planet is being generated.

11. He is a natural leader.

Through his confidence in himself, his values ​​and his intelligence, he knows how to set the pace and a direction for himself and others.

12. He is not afraid to express his feelings.

He is never ashamed of what he feels, nor is he afraid to say it in front of others, as he recognizes how important his heart is. That is why he is not afraid to say “I love you” in front of his friends and speaks honestly.

13. He knows how to be a father and not only a provider.

Man who respects himself knows that the figure of a father is built day by day and it is much more important than just being a provider, so he values ​​time with his children and actively participates in their care.

14. He is faithful to all things:

A man who does not have “little friends”, makes women fall in love since he knows that he does not need to conquer many women to feel loved, but that he knows he is loved by only one and it is she who he must seduce day by day.

15. He is a man without ceasing to be a boy.

Knowing how to integrate all aspects of a man into a person, responsibility, fidelity, growth and also knows when it is time to play, to let his inner child out, that is what a woman admires in a man.