Attitudes Of Men That Make A Woman Angry

The worst thing a man can do, these are the attitudes that make a woman angry at the point of bursting.

Although they say that women are difficult to understand, the truth is that it is not an impossible task. In this post, we show you some of the attitudes that make a woman angry and thus avoid unleashing your girl’s relentless fury.

Attitudes Of Men That Make A Woman Angry

1. Lying to her.

Guys, women are smarter than you think. If a woman asks you a question often she already knows the answer, she just wants to hear it from your mouth.

2. Hermeticism.

A man who doesn’t want to share what he thinks, what he feels or what he wants is something that bothers her, because if he doesn’t want to do it, why are you together in the first place?

3. Lack of attention.

And worse if it is at dinner time and the boy in question is attached to the cell phone. It is very disturbing.

4. No reciprocity.

If you get attention from a woman, good treatment and have her attention exclusively, value it. A woman will want a man to be reciprocal in what she gives in a relationship.

5. The male chauvinism.

Many say “I am not macho” but sometimes with their attitudes, they show women that they are.

6. Attitude change.

If at the beginning of a relationship you are attentive, understandable and thoughtful, keep doing it.

Not because you have been dating for 6 months or years means you stop falling in love.

7. Comparisons with other girls.

And worse if you compare her with a thinner woman or with your ex. They’re different. I bet you wouldn’t like her to compare you with her ex.

8. Lack of support at home.

The house cleaning is both, so help yourself and get up from the sofa to wash your dishes.

9. When you don’t listen.

If women are sharing something with you, pay attention to her. As absurd as it may be, it is important for her to know that you are listening to her.

10. Believing that everything bothers her.

But if there is something that bothers her more than anything else, it is that you take her like a crazy, exaggerated and bad woman. Everything doesn’t bother her.