Attitudes Of A True Man

The world needs both men and women, each of them has an important role in society, family, etc. Here are 4 attitudes that a true man should have.

Attitudes Of A True Man

1. Men respond.

Although most of us do not think that the consequences of our words and actions could affect other people. That is a child’s attitude. One way to demonstrate our maturity is to start thinking about others before responding. An answer requires thought, a reaction is instinctive, boys react and men respond.

2. Men look inside first.

Adult men are ready to examine our shortcomings. We must start practicing transparency and a non-defensive attitude. Handle confrontations, take responsibility for our actions and make decisions.

3. Men have a cause.

Something to fight about. It can be saving a marriage, fighting for a place in life, being a better version of yourself, something we believe in. Men build.

4. Men act.

Children complain. Many habits like complaining and losing the temper arise from undisciplined thinking and an inability to handle emotions. I know of many men who talk about changing, about wanting to “fix” their relationship, losing weight, or being a better father. But only a few of them act and climb that mountain on a daily basis. Only a few of them fall over and over again to get up. Only a few act true to their own decisions.