Aspects That Women Value Most In Men

Relationship and dating expert from the site, Valeria Shapira, made the list of those features that women always expect to see in men.

Present in 25 countries with more than eight languages and reaching in five continents, the dating site has more than 60 million users in Latin America alone.

Valeria Schapira is the expert in web relations, who is constantly processing the information that is delivered by the data that is processed and that allow establishing keys in sentimental relationships.

The data guides and gives clues. Schapira interprets them and synthesizes them. The expert emphasizes that “if the recipes of love were homogeneous, we would all cook the same dishes, but in matters of the heart as well as in the kitchen there are some basic questions that make everything richer”.

Based on data, then, Shapira highlights the 9 Aspects That Women Value Most In Men.

Aspects That Women Value Most In Men

1- Authentic:

“That they do not pretend a character, that they are simply … just as they are, men who do not appear what they are not, are the ones that most reach women’s hearts.”
The fictitious constructions have no support in time, so what better than a man who speaks to them from the soul? “.

2- Positive:

“That they have an optimistic attitude and try to focus life with a positive lens does not mean that they are deniers or do not see reality.

On the contrary, that they want to get ahead in difficulties, despite the buts.

At the end of the day, we are what we do with what happens to us “.

3- That they listen:

“Something that seems so simple and at the same time can be so complicated to get.

It is in women’s nature to speak up to the elbows and want to share everything that happens to them, both in reality and in the imagination.

That’s why that the gentlemen who listen to them, inspire love in them. It does not apply to those who pretend to listen with the desire to seduce.

The good interlocutors empathize, nurture and exchange”.

4- Let them shine:

“You do not have to be famous or have much money, do not confuse brightness with power.”

Light comes from the soul when a person is happy with his life when he is in harmony with himself when he does what he likes. Those who enlighten in this way are champions of seduction. ”

5- Humor:

“Nothing surpasses intelligent humor, no sarcasm or easy joke, but a broad view of life that allows you to print grace even to the most mundane details, there are no ugly men, only men without humor or bad character”.

6- That they know where women like it:

“The way someone makes love speaks of their being, women love men to be generous in bed, that they do not seek pleasure only for themselves but that they make them enjoy and be attentive to those issues and areas that are erogenous for them.”

7 – Have initiative:

“No woman, no matter how well planted she is, wants to become the mother of a man or being urging him all the time to act.”

Women love men to generate, propose and do, even if they are wrong. It is better a person of action to someone who does not execute out of fear”.

8. Gentlemen:

Courtesy never goes out of fashion, women give in to those who are in the details, women love that they pay attention to what is meaningful to them, from a work meeting that concerns them, to the anniversaries of the couple.

Not to mention gestures like opening the door or running the chair.”

9- That is present:

“This does not mean you to be all day by her side, but that she knows she can count on you, that if there is something urgent, you will be there, that you will answer the phone when it rings, even if it is to say ‘ I’ll call you later, I’m in a meeting. “And, sure enough, that you will call her back.