Are women unfaithful by genetics?

When someone found out about infidelity, the reasons could be many: lack of intimacy, low self-esteem, anger, slip … but now also, when talking about female infidelity, genes come into play.

The University of Texas carried out research that breaks with the myth that men are unfaithful by nature, since it warns that women are unfaithful by genetics.

The gene responsible for infidelity is called: DRD4 and is characterized by having an impact in taking risks and compulsion to perform sexual behaviors. This happens because it releases a system of reward and pleasure due to the secreting of dopamine.

7,400 twins were analyzed of which 6.4% of women and 9.8% of men reported having had an affair with two or more sexual partners in the last year.

The women presented variants (alterations) of the AVPR1A gene, giving as characteristics to be unfaithful or with more sexual partners, and this did not happen in males.

Other factors …

While men are much more physical and impulsive (speaking in general terms, there are always very interesting exceptions) women are more emotional and infidelity responds to stimuli deeper than the surge of hormones:

Are women unfaithful by genetics?

1. Revenge.

Did her partner cheat on her?

She may pay with the same currency. In some way his infidelity gives her permission to do the same.

2. Lack of sex.

Going through a period of drought with your partner can be a very real reason to be unfaithful.

Although women are more emotional than men, they also have physical needs that they must satisfy.

3. Lack of intimacy.

When they feel that they are emotionally moving away from thier partner they feel more attracted to other people and it is much easier to fall into infidelity.

This type of relationship begins with emotional infidelities that lead to physical contact.

4. Adrenaline.

Being in a relationship a long time makes them enter a comfort zone.

If she has a long time without leaving it, an infidelity means a necessary “rush or touch” of adrenaline.

5. Low self-esteem.

When women are in that comfort zone with their partner it is common that they feel less appreciated by him.

They diminish the details, the pleasant words, the compliments and the long glances, and this push them to look them in another person.

6. Open cycles.

Many times it is enough to find her ex boyfriend anywhere to run straight into his arms.

If she has not closed the cycle well with other people it is very easy to fall into infidelity.

7. Anger.

Being upset for a long time with her partner and holding grudges for past fights can lead to infidelity at any time.

It does not have to be anger about his infidelity, but simply being unable to forgive past situations.

These are just reasons that lead a woman to commit infidelities, so it is important to pay special attention to communication and respect to prevent being in the middle of these situations.

Now with this information it will no longer apply that only men are unfaithful by nature, don’t you think?