Annoying habits that keep women away from you

If you do not understand why girls get away from you, despite being someone nice from your perspective, check what things of your behavior might be frightening them.

This is stated by specialists consulted by the Men’s Health Magazine, which indicates that many men make mistakes that discourage women when they meet them. Check what they are.

Annoying habits that keep women away from you

1. Never shut up.

Every time you’re in front of an attractive woman, you start talking non-stop because you feel like you have to “sell yourself” like a big game?

If so, stop, remember that talking without leaving space for the woman to express herself is not fun.

Psychologist Christie Hartman points out that no matter how interesting your stories are, this tactic of conquest is often counterproductive.

“The biggest complaint I hear from women on the first dates is that men talk too much. It makes you seem absorbed in yourself, and she will not want to have anything to do with you, “she says.

Terri Orbuch, an expert in relationships, points out that instead of showing yourself as an “incredible man”, you should encourage the girl to talk about herself. Ask her about her career, her hobbies or even her pets.

Find out what things you’re passionate about because that’s a good way to get to know people. Hartman adds that while the woman might give a generic response at the beginning, once you invite her subtly to deepen, the conversation will flow.

2. You always complain about your ex.

Many fall into the temptation – both men and women – to talk about why their last relationship did not work or begin to complain about ex-partners as a way to flatter whoever they have in front of them.

For example, they say things like “What a relief you have good musical taste, my ex had me bored with reggae”.

Although it sounds harmless, it is a big mistake, because “talking about your ex is saying that she is still important to you. Your date will think she has to compete, “explains Hartman.

The expert recommends instead, mentioning that it’s been a while since you were in a long relationship, but avoid talking specifically about your ex.

If your date asks you about it, give a very brief summary of the story without details.

Do not start with “we were not for each other” and all that. Hartman recommends waiting until at least the third meeting to deepen your romantic past.

3. You make too much fun of the favorite movies, books, series or hobbies of the girls you go out with.

Making jokes about it is not bad, but starting to criticize too hard, making rude and misplaced comments, can discourage your date.

For example, if you know that she is a fan of Game of Thrones you can not say that it is “the most stupid series” you have seen. Nor is it appropriate to mention that astrology is for fools if she is fond of it.

“If you criticize something she likes a lot, you’re really criticizing her,” says Hartman, adding that even if it’s just a wrong attempt to joke.

Instead, just politely admit that you are not a fan of such a movie or discipline.

4. Mention all your personal life too soon.

If you have a bad relationship with your family, a difficult childhood or you are worried about a particularly personal issue, it is not advisable to tell everything when you are just meeting someone.

Even if you think that this will make you look noble and human, the other person may feel uncomfortable.

“If you tell her your deepest and darkest problems too soon, you can scare her. She will think ‘This boy does have problems,’ “Hartman explains, adding that this type of confession is best left to the context of a stable and supportive relationship, or at least after a few dates.

5. You boast a lot about your material success.

Some men feel the need to tell all about their wonderful holidays abroad, their new luxury car, their incredible office and their succulent salary.

The relationship expert Rachel DeAlto says that the only women who engage in material exhibitionism are those interested in money, while the others only think that the man is a superficial imbecile.

Therefore, instead of boasting about your material achievements, talk about your goals and how you are working on them. This will show that you have ambition and depth. “That is significant, not material,” advises DeAlto.