Afrodisiac Foods That Improve Erection

There are aphrodisiac foods that improve the erection, the excitement becomes infallible in intimacy.

A good erection is what men want the most because that is what women love, not only to have it but to keep it. While concentration is important, so is diet. Aphrodisiac foods are a good alternative.

Afrodisiac Foods That Improve Erection

We recommend the following aphrodisiac foods that in addition to making you feel healthy, they will also make you have an erection and functional penis to make any woman in your life happy.

Aphrodisiac foods are those that contain a substance that increases sexual arousal, so if you plan to have a romantic and passionate night with your partner, start by going shopping at the greengrocer. Exquisite!.

1. A glass of red wine.

It is very important that is only one and do not overdo it, since it is the exact amount so that your body reacts as you expect, the excitement begins to rise, it is a natural aphrodisiac, without special chemicals to feel that vibration that runs your blood to reach a happy and desired orgasm.

2. A ginger tea 30 minutes before intimacy.

Ginger tea is wonderful to take warm before having sex with your partner, it helps the erection to take place without a problem, because the nutrients that make up ginger help to dilate the capillaries and the spongy body of the penis, helping the blood to flow more easily and reach the last corner of the limb. It is wonderful!

3. Dark chocolate is one of the aphrodisiac foods.

The function of chocolate is interesting since it not only helps to increase the libido of men but also that of women, consuming it together as a couple is ideal to maintain the desired arousal since it helps to release a high amount of endorphins.

4. Kiwi for a better erection.

We close this list with a fruit considered one of the most aphrodisiac of all and that many men consume, and the truth is that it is one of the healthiest since it works as an antioxidant, you can eat it alone, directly as a fruit or in freshwater, or in a smoothie.

But without a doubt it helps arousal in men, the erection is maintained and it is also an excellent fruit to level the smell of the skin and breath.