Actions Of An “Unloving” Woman That Demonstrate More Than An “I Love You”

Actions say more than words and these are some ways in which an unloving woman demonstrates her love.

To show a person how much you love her many times it is not necessary to say it with words, often the actions speak for themselves and communicate more than an “I love you”.

“Unloving” women show their affection or love in different ways from the rest, but often their actions say more.

They have a hard time believing in the rest and when they start to feel something important for someone they include him in their life in deep ways that many times men do not notice.

Here are some ways in which a “tough” woman shows how much she loves the person she is dating:

Actions Of An “Unloving” Woman That Demonstrate More Than An “I Love You”

1. She tells you her secrets.

Little by little she has been opening up and has been able to tell you her deepest secrets, those that nobody knows and only shares with you.

You even know those things that “embarrass” her and that nobody else knows.

2. She tells you about her most hidden fears.

You gave her the confidence to be herself and that is why she has told you the things she fears the most, even if they are nonsense or things totally relevant to her.

If she is afraid of darkness, death or crickets, you know it.

3. Walks with you on her childhood places where she was happy and what were (and are) her favorite places.

She has taken you to the places where she spent most of her life or spaces where she had incredible stories.

She has told you what she did in her favorite park and she has revealed incredible stories of her childhood in special places.

4. Walks with you and shares the coffee.

You have walked long hours talking about trivial topics, laughing and analyzing the deepest things in life.

What can only be a walk, for her has been to share her time, something valuable.

You have even gone to have coffee at her favorite places, which in her language means that you have become her favorite person.

5. She invites you to do her favorite activities.

She has included you in her favorite activities, she has taken you to places where she tends to disconnect from routine and has made you part of her world.

By doing so she shows you how much she cares.

6. She shows herself vulnerable with you,

and you know it because when she tells you something that hurts her, she turns her face and avoids eye contact.

You can notice how her eyes go off when she tells you something that has hurt her or marked her in some way, but even if it’s something she still can not overcome she tells you, she allows herself to be vulnerable with you, something she could only do with someone who really interests her.

7. She introduces you to the people she loves most.

Little by little she has been introducing you to her friends, her family, her close circle, even when you do not even know them yet, she talks to you as if you knew them so that when the time comes you will understand how important they are in her life.

8. She asks for advice and help when she needs it.

Even when it is unimportant, she has started telling you about her problems and asking for your advice or help, even when she knows you can not help her, she does it because she trusts you.

9. Tells you about her most hidden tastes.

You already know which her favorite artists are, her favorite books, the authors she admires the most, the songs she could repeat for whole days and the series she is a fan of.