Actions And Lies Told By A Woman Who No Longer Loves You

When a woman has stopped loving she does and says many things. We share them for you to take your precautions.

Carrying out a relationship is not easy, some couples go through ups and downs, strong problems that sometimes lead to separation, but others instead of putting distance or ending up healthily, prefer to stay there, although their behavior and their words betray them.

A woman, when she no longer loves, will always look for the perfect context to let you know, of course, this is only done by those who do not have the courage to say it head-on, she tries to send the right signals so that the man realizes what is happening.

When love ends, it is something that cannot be hidden, things change, a woman who no longer loves becomes dry with the man. Regardless of the situation, no one deserves to be in a relationship where there is no such reciprocity.

Actions And Lies Told By A Woman Who No Longer Loves You

1. She doesn’t pay attention to.

This attitude is crucial since the woman who loves is always attentive to what her partner does, but when she stops loving you, she simply becomes rude, she does not pay attention to you, she is always with the cell phone in her hand seeing more important things than the news you want to share about how your work went.

2. No longer answer messages.

Do not throw this overboard, she does not answer because she no longer wants to be answering, there are priorities.

3. She goes out with friends without telling you.

It is clear that she does not have to ask your permission, but because of a relationship code, she would have to tell you that she will go out with her friends so that you do not make plans with her, but if she makes her plans without notifying you about anything, this indicates that she no longer wants you to go with her anywhere and she wants freedom as fast as possible.

4. She doesn’t call you like before.

At the beginning of the relationship she used to call you to find out about you or tell you some things about her life, but now she not only doesn’t call you anymore, but she also doesn’t answer your calls either. It’s a sad thing, but that woman has stopped loving you!

5. She doesn’t tell you that she loves you.

That woman has stopped telling you how much she likes you, she no longer tells you that she loves you, this must make noise in your mind because when a woman stops saying what she feels is that something is not working in a relationship.

6. Asks for time.

“I feel anxious,” and immediately asks for time to be alone with herself, this happens when love is ending. Keep in mind that this does not happen overnight, these are signs of various situations that have led her to make those decisions.