9 Gentlemanly Gestures That Melt Any Woman

As women, they always hope to find a gentleman who treats them as such. They seek chivalry even in the smallest gestures: that men give them a flower; a little good morning message would suffice.

When a couple is in the first months of a relationship, men are the compilation of all the details that women expect but, little by little, those details are lost. It would be exciting and wonderful for women if men preserve the details with which they make them fall in love.

9 Gentlemanly Gestures That Melt Any Woman

1. Open the car door.

A man who takes his time getting out of the car and opening the door for her is invaluable. Women recognize and appreciate this type of gesture because it makes them feel comfortable and appreciated.

2. Give her the last bite of your favorite dish.

When you offer her the last bite of food, you’re basically showing her that she is more important to you than your favorite dish or food.

3. Spend time with her family.

A man who is interested in spending time with a woman’s family, helps her mother prepare dinner, or plays with her little brother, is someone who can be with her for a long time. They are small gestures that speak a lot about your intentions about her and the respect you can offer to her family.

4. To accompany her to see a romantic movie.

When a man endures her tears and anger when watching her favorite romantic movie, without expecting anything in return, he gets a thousand extra points in the relationship. This speaks to the fact that you can bear anything for her to be happy.

5. Give her flowers without being an important date.

No, we are not talking about you sending her an expensive arrangement, we are talking about you taking the time to buy a bunch of flowers, or just one because you thought of her and wanted to surprise her.

6. That you walk outside on the sidewalk.

If for the first time you occupy that place while walking, she may feel confused by the unusualness of the gesture, but over time she will wonder how it is that no other man had done that for her. She will feel protected and special.

7. Kiss her forehead.

Of course, if the relationship is just beginning she can feel overwhelmed and will think that it is a gesture that only someone in her family would do for her, but if you are in a relationship in which you have had enough time, it occurs to you to kiss her forehead, it means that you truly adore her.

8. Listen to her carefully.

If the conversation flows and you keep your attention on her, it shows that you like the topics she is talking about. If you listen to her and give her an opinion that contributes to the conversation, she will know that you can be a trustworthy person and that in addition to being her boyfriend, you can be her friend.

9. Put your coat on her shoulders.

A gentlemanly and kind man does not mind being a little cold while she is comfortable.

These are little gestures that show women that they matter to men, equivalent to what they do for men to protect them in a subtle way.