9 Clues to discover an unfaithful woman

The caution, stealth, intelligence, and intuition are natural weapons of the woman at the time of not being discovered in an infidelity.

Although they say that infidelity has no gender, today the number of unfaithful women has increased considerably.

Whether because of the lifestyle and the radical change that women have had in society, the percentage of female infidelity rose 55%.

The behavior before a lie always undergoes a change, and the woman is not the exception since in many occasions one feels guilt or remorse.

In many cases the terrible thing about female infidelity is that unlike the male when a woman starts a romance she does not take it as a furtive encounter or an adventure, she goes further.

While there is no pattern or rule to know when a woman is unfaithful, if there are small behaviors or ‘suspicious’ acts that may amount to an imminent infidelity alert, check this:

9 Clues to discover an unfaithful woman

1. Personal appearance.

Start spending more money than before on clothes, shoes.

Buys new underwear, starts to go to the gym with more enthusiasm than ever, gets ready and above all worries more about her hair, nails, body, etc.

2. Strange disappearances.

She often disappears for hours and it is impossible to communicate with her over the phone.

She usually says that she was shopping.

Sometimes she can invent that she was having a coffee, having lunch or having dinner with some ‘friend’.

3. New friends.

New friends from nowhere, who never heard speak before, but now belong to the select group of ‘favorite friends’.

Most likely, she’ll start using excuses like: “I forgot to mention my childhood friend”, but the worst thing of all would be that those friends would never get to know each other.

4. She is away from home.

Starts spending more time with her friends or with a ‘special friend’. Her time at home is considerably reduced.

5. Mobile.

Uses the cell phone more than usual, does not separate from it when she receives a call or message she hides and has an obsession to take care of it and that nobody takes it.

6. Her reading habits changed.

If she suddenly reads articles about seduction or about relationships and even infidelity, it can be a warning signal.

7. Computer.

If she spends a lot of time on the computer late into the night, registers email accounts and hides them or starts visiting sites she did not before.

8. She is not interested in sex.

She begins to lose sexual interest with her husband.

At first, the number of intimate encounters between the two has been drastically reduced.

First, the sexual relations can be more frequent and the treatment towards the husband is very good since she feels guilty, but as the time passes, the woman begins to fight for nothing and to make excuses to avoid having intimacy.

9. She stops caring about many things.

Whereas before she complained about the mess of the house, the children and in some cases the work, now those things do not matter to her.

There is nothing that disturbs her new happiness.

The important thing in any relationship is trust, if you get to notice some strange behavior in your partner it is important that you talk about it.

(Source: https://www.enpareja.com)