8 Tricks to Be Attractive On A Date

A significant percentage of the success of a romantic date is based on the attraction of both parties.

Beyond physical beauty, which will always be relative, being attractive is a totally different matter, depending largely on our attitude, body language, and subtle details that the other person will find irresistible without even noticing. Apply these tricks now.

8 Tricks to Be Attractive On A Date

1. Activate the senses.

The sense of smell is decisive and powerful since its stimulation is unconscious and is directly linked to emotions. For this reason, choose a perfume which fragrance pleases you and with which you identify.

Apply in small amounts behind the neck, under the ears, on the inside of the wrists, and on the inside of the elbow. Not only will you enjoy the deliciousness of the aroma, but it will provide you with greater security, sensuality, and reinforce your self-esteem.

2. A little initiative.

Take the reins every now and then, proposing novel ideas for your first encounter at the beginning or, during the meeting, tackle interesting conversation topics.

A touch of initiative, despite being a bit intimidating or challenging, is also attractive, reflecting great self-confidence.

3. Flirty Smile.

A person is charming every time he smiles and adding a touch of coquetry and complicity, he will be able to transmit the same feeling to anyone who observes it.

Your smile is probably the most effective weapon of seduction and few men are aware of its impact and efficiency.

4. Fresh breath.

Complementing a captivating smile, dazzle your prospect with fresh breath and well-groomed and healthy teeth. Not only will it reflect concern for your personal hygiene, but it shows respect and consideration for the other person.

5. Red as a resource.

According to scientists at the University of Manchester, the color red is very striking for the opposite sex and is highly related to passion, desire, sensuality, power, and manhood. For both genders, red influences the perception of a potential partner, so you can choose to wear a garment in that tone.

6. Beard.

Known as a symbol of masculinity, the beard is a resource that the vast majority of women find attractive, however, according to research from the University of New Wales, the 10-day beard has been shown to be preferred for the female sex. On the contrary, a bushy or scruffy beard is somewhat unpleasant.

7. Out false appearances.

Currently, through social networks and virtual media, we have become accustomed to creating an improved image of ourselves, often false, that does not match who we really are. Instead, always bet on authenticity, and don’t be afraid to show your essence naturally.

8. Relax and improvise.

Perhaps you have spent days thinking about how that date will be and wanting to have everything under control, however, the only thing you will achieve is reflecting your anguish and nervousness.

Calm down a bit, adopt a good posture, and be open to the conversation. Don’t be scared if the talk doesn’t flow as you expected; improvise and don’t be afraid to open up to that person, talking about your experiences, and answering questions about yourself.