Signs that she is playing with you

Ways to know if that girl is doubling, she is not going for something serious or simply is not worth your time.

Sure, you’ve probably had unstable relationships in the past, some ex-girlfriends with certain problems, but nothing is worse than getting excited with a woman and that girl you’re dating is just playing games with you.

If you are already dating a girl that you like a lot but you have the feeling that she is not serious and maybe she is even doubling, take a look at these common signs that indicate that this girl has you in her hands.

Take note of these signs. Maybe you’re just her momentary plan, her resource of the moment to forget her ex or a short-term entertaining.

8 Signs that she is playing with you

1. She always ruins the plans.

It’s exasperating, it’s rude and she even lacks respect. If she is breaking the plans very often, get rid of her.

If she does not accept your time or your feelings or just does not make you feel important, then ask yourself why you would want to start a serious relationship with her.

If you are not her priority at the beginning of the relationship, then imagine what it will be like if things continue.

2. She is constantly flirting with other guys.

It is very important to look at the actions of the person, as well as to listen to every word that says.

If she says she’s exclusively for you, but you often catch her chatting with other guys, this is definitely a red flag.

And worse still, if you notice that she is flirting in front of you, be it with the waiter or worse, with your friends, then this is a sign that she is not thinking of settling down.

3. You have never been to her home.

If you’re dating a girl for almost a month and you’ve never been in her house, meanwhile she has gone to yours a dozen times, surely there’s a reason.

Ask yourself: Is she messy? Does she have roommates? Is she hiding something?

There is a pretty big chance that that “something” she’s hiding, is someone. The only way to be safe is by asking.

If she says no, look at the excuse she makes.

4. Does not take any pictures with you.

There are many reasons why she does not want photos of the two. But everything is reduced to the context of the situation.

If she does not want to post it on her Facebook or Instagram, maybe it’s because she just got out of a relationship and does not want people to bombard her with questions about the new guy in her life.

Or we can go to the other side where she wants to keep you hidden either because she is currently in another relationship or wants to keep her options open for any other guy who wants to invite her out.

Do not assume about this, but if there are a number of things that point to her not wanting to commit, this may be one of the pieces of that puzzle.

5. She does not let you meet her friends or family.

Many people think that one should wait a while to get to know their family, but if you have already gone out with her for a couple of months, at least you should already know some of her close friends.

Haven’t you met them yet?

Maybe she does not know how to explain the relationship she has with their friends or family, especially if they have not talked about the exclusivity of the relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with asking her to let you know some of her closest friends if she throws the idea away, then you should start asking her if she really is determined to start a serious relationship.

6. Never spends the night with you (or stays longer).

You’ve seen it a million times in movies/series. The boy asks the girl for a taxi before she can finish dressing.

If this seems familiar to you in some real-life setting, and she’s always running to the door, there’s a chance that she’s just there for the physical.

Many times if the person does not take a relationship seriously, this person does not stay longer, after having intimacy.

This is another red flag. If you want more, then you should discuss it to know if both are on the same page.

7. She never refers to you as her lover/ skinny/boyfriend/partner.

If she has not tagged you yet and has been dating you for quite some time, then this may be because you are not exclusive or she wants to have her options open.

If she introduces you to her friends as “My friend” after going out for several months and this bothers you, then it is time to say something.

If you want something and she clearly does not, then it’s time to step aside to that person who wants the same as you.

8. She is affectionate and cold.

In a minute, she is determined and even asks you to take a vacation/trip together, but the next minute she goes away or puts a distance between you.

Often when people are hot and cold, it is because they are confused and insecure about what they want. This is reflected in their behaviors.

To make simple a complicated situation: Find a person who is aligned with you and happy to be with you.

It’s not fair to you that she’s constantly going away and approaching you whenever she wants.