Tips To Be A Better Man

Times change, society advances and we must learn to listen, open our minds, and improve ourselves in different aspects.

2020 is a new era. It’s the new 20s, can you believe it? And although many believe that life goes on and that everything is normal, the reality is different. We live in a stage that could be key to the future. We all have to change in a way, and we will become better people who can fit into this new version of society.

Men are no longer like 200 years ago when they couldn’t take the time to think clearly and question their place and role in society. Now, we are in contact with different elements that could be overwhelming, but that we have to accept in order to be better men, and thus help others to grow with us.

We hope these tips can help us better adapt to the future that awaits us.

Tips To Be A Better Man

1. Listen.

In any aspect, be it professional or personal, we must stay open to what other people have to say. If we shut ourselves in, we deny the possibility of growth or self-analysis. We may believe that we are right in all respects, but if we do not compare our perspective with that of other people, we will never really know if our actions affect others.

2. Avoid prejudice.

In addition to the previous point, avoiding prejudice keeps us open to meet other people and not let ourselves go for a first impression. It may be comfortable to look at a person, judge them from our comfort and safe space, but if we do not approach and learn from people whose opinion we do not fully understand, we will not be able to learn more about people in general, thus leaving us in a remote space, which –although it is comfortable– prevents us from growing as individuals.

3. Learn to manage your emotions.

We are not animals. We are men. Our intelligence allows us to stop to analyze what we feel and how we will express it. Forget about hitting walls, yelling, or humiliating in moments of frustration.

Find someone with whom you can share your annoyance and try ways to release tension where violence is not necessary. Exercise, find a routine to calm your spirits and grow. Build something; a hobby could serve to distract and improve you.

4. Express your positive emotions.

A man who is not connected to his emotions is not a full person. We have been taught for decades that we should hold back or drown them, but now we have the privilege of taking the time to just feel things and express them. It does not cost anything to take a few minutes to have a moment of reflection, and show love to the people around us, or talk about our concerns. That can motivate people to support us and not wander alone through our problems.

5. Avoid resentments.

Whether with a person or with life itself, there is no point in carrying a resentment that only prevents us from moving forward. If life did not go as we hoped, it is time to take charge and find the little pleasures that make it worthwhile. If a person did something to us, it’s time to let go, move on, and find someone else whose value is greater. There is always a good time to grow.

6. Be nice, don’t spread hate.

Simple: treat people well, and they will do the same to you. What’s the point of motivating hatred, pushing people, or thinking selfishly?

There is a place for everyone in the world, and being a better man means giving respect to other people regardless of their ideology or their way of being, because –in the end– each one has his life and a person foreign to our thinking does not affect directly in our day to day.

7. Be responsible, admit your mistakes.

If you did something wrong, accept it and change it. We all make mistakes and these serve us (or force us) to transform ourselves step by step. If you are pulled over for a traffic violation, pay the fine. It is not good to continue corrupting the system. It is time to leave “the easy way out” and start demanding the same from others.