7 Reasons For A Girl To Send You To The Friendzone

Whenever we meet a girl we have in mind the goal of making her our partner. We do all kinds of things to get her attention and gain her trust.

But we can fall into bad tactics either because we are very bad at flirting or because we are very pitiful. There are attitudes on the part of many men who, rather than making women fall in love, motivate them to send them to the ‘friendzone’.

The friendzone is the space or area that a friend occupies and this is usually applied by women when they gain the trust of the man.

If you really want to get out of that terrible area that sometimes women make us fall, we present some reasons why the girls send you to the friendzone.

7 Reasons For A Girl To Send You To The Friendzone

1. Your excess of good vibes.

Being cool with the girls can generate several points in your favor, but applying it excessively impales them and you will have them apply: ‘I like him, but he is not my type’.

Don’t be so sweet, take out that manhood you have inside. Women realize when you are so helpful and that can give them the impression that you are desperate. Lower your kindness and chivalry, be a bit rough so that you are not sent to the friend zone.

2. You wear the counselor’s suit.

You just ran into the girl you liked in high school, you start talking and it turns out that she tells you that she has just finished with her boyfriend, that’s when you put the battery on and ask for her Whatsapp, she starts talking and she just talks about how bad she feels; You only give advice.

There are times when girls who have just ended a relationship are only looking for someone to let off steam, so when she mentions her ex, try to get out of the subject and talk about something else. Listen to her but don’t say much about what she has to do to relieve herself, so you will avoid falling into the friendzone.

3. You are immature.

Women like safe men, who have goals in life and are self-confident, that makes them fall in love. But if you are one of those who just go partying and only care that the weekend is coming, you are a good candidate to enter the friend zone.

There are girls who are just looking to be with someone to take them out of their house and forget the guy that sent them flying. Be more mature, leave the parties a bit and avoid talking about your party conquests.

4. You don’t take care of your physique.

There is a cliché that if you are chubby you are cool and nice, enough reasons for a girl to send you to the friendzone.

The visual impact is very powerful and having a belly will help you very little to get out of that dreaded area. Take care of your physique, go for a run and start generating those muscles that many envy. Women will begin to notice you, not because they are nice, but because you have a flat abdomen. No girl will want to send you to the friendzone.

5. You don’t say smart things.

A good talk always works to make the girl of your dreams fall in love, but if your subjects are too boring we will assure you a place in the friend zone.

You are cool and attractive, but in your talks, you only talk about parties and how cool you are. Get a little out of your comfort zone and get on the Internet to expand your talking topics. Watch the news and check the day gossip so she finds you more interesting.

6. You are not attractive to her.

Girls usually have an ideal type of guy and if you’re not her type, you’re just wasting your time. Put the cards on the table, be direct in your intentions and clarify the situation to not be one more of those who are sent to the terrible friendzone.

7. You say yes to everything.

Telling her that yes to everything will only show how good and tender you are, which ensures you a direct ticket to the friendzone. Be a bit heavy and let yourself be surprised, they love to always be right and to fulfill their wishes. Show that you are not made to be in the friendzone. A little negativity makes her fall in love.