7 Characteristics Of Men Who Conquer The Most According To A Study

The report concluded that the luckiest men in relationships have the same qualities, flaws, and personality traits.

A study by the University of Queensland analyzed the behavior of 2,998 men and 1,480 women and concluded that the men with the best luck to conquer have the same behavior patterns.

The study found that men have more advantages than women when it comes to sex. Men have sex 66.5 times a year, while women only have 57.2 times.

The characteristics of the men who conquer the most, according to the study, are:

7 Characteristics Of Men Who Conquer The Most According To A Study

1. They go to the gym more:

Those who take care of their physical appearance are the most successful in relationships. However, even if they do it less, overweight men enjoy sex more.

2. They are extroverts:

Men who are talkative, trustworthy, and funny conquer more.

3. They are pleasant:

The educated, chivalrous men and those who usually carry on a pleasant conversation have more luck in the conquest.

4. Smokers:

According to the study, smokers are seen as risky people and women tend to like men with a more daring attitude.

5. They are emotionally stable:

Women are attracted to a man with a mature and formed personality. However, this does not have to do with age, but with the attitude when it comes to managing emotions.

6. Men who drink alcohol:

According to the study, men who consume liquor are 20% more likely to have sex than those who do not. This is also related to those who have a more social life.

7. They are not the smartest:

Men who are not as intelligent have more conquests than others. However, after having slept with them and getting to know them more, women tend not to return.