7 Beauty Tips That Every Man Should Know

If you want to improve your personal image, take note of these simple but effective tips.

Although we like to think that what matters is the interior of the person, the first impression is based on the exterior appearance. So if you want to cause a good feeling on a daily basis, take note of these tips that the experts offer us, simple, but effective.

7 Beauty Tips That Every Man Should Know

1. Take care of the skin of your face every morning and every night.

To have a good face and avoid premature skin aging, you will have to be consistent with your beauty routine.

The pharmacist Felipe Martín Núñez, owner of the Galileo 61 pharmacy, recommends following a simple routine. “In the morning, cleanse the face, balance the skin with a tonic after shaving, apply hydration and sun protection, all year round. At night, cleansing, tonic, and anti-aging treatment. Also, do not forget the contour of the eyes, to avoid wrinkles in that area, and above all, to mitigate bags and dark circles. ”

2. Wash your hair daily or every other day.

Depending on the type of hair and the lifestyle you lead. Stylist Kevin Briseño, a technician at Maison Eduardo Sánchez, confirms this for us: “if it is oily hair and if you play sports, it should be done daily, if the hair is normal or dry, it could be a day, yes and one no. As washing is frequent, we recommend using products that are as gentle, natural, and respectful as possible. Also, at least once a week it is advisable to hydrate the hair with a conditioner.”

3. Visit the salon every 3-5 weeks to maintain your haircut.

Stylist Kevin Briseño, a technician at Maison Eduardo Sánchez, points out that “although it depends a lot on the type of haircut and the look of each man if he has very short hair, it is advisable to go to the hairdresser every 3 weeks so that he doesn’t miss the cut. If the hair is slightly longer, it could be spaced 5 weeks apart, but in any case no more than 5 weeks. ”

4. Get rid of unwanted hair.

Waxing is not mandatory, that is a matter of taste or needs (if you play sports, it is probably more comfortable to remove hair from certain parts of your body). But there are little hairs that are not attractive at all. We refer to those that appear in the nose, in the ears, or between the eyebrows.

5. Find the eyebrows that best suit your features and tastes.

Plucking your eyebrows, yes, but Nouveau Lashes recommends “a thick eyebrow, not excessively defined, perhaps something more wild and natural, it is not advisable to go with waxing, especially if you use wax, because it could cause sagging problems, irritations, and infections. Our advice is not to outline the entire eyebrow, only remove the hair from the eyebrows and the lower area of ​​the eyelids. ” In short, you have to look for the eyebrow that best suits your features and tastes, and for that, the best thing is to visit a specialized center.

6. If you want to grow a beard, do it on vacation.

How to go from shaving every day to wearing that attractive beard that has managed to conquer you? Mr. Lievore, creator of Mr. Mustache advises “to do it on vacation, because if not, it could be an uncomfortable process. We must forget about shaving and let the beard grow freely, and when it has reached a considerable size, go to the barber to design it. ”

7. Go to the barber every 15 days.

To have an attractive beard you have to take care of it daily at home, with specific products, and also, from time to time, in the barbershop. Quique Carballo, owner of The Men’s Hair Club salon, a collaborating center of Treatwell.es, recommends “going to the barber every 15 days to have good beard maintenance. In addition, it is important to always use specific products for the beard, wash it well, hydrate it and use a good oil ”.