6 Ways To Get A Woman’s Attention

Many guys ask me, what to say to a girl?

How to start a conversation? What to say next?

When in fact what you should have in consideration is that the interaction begins long before, speaking through your image and your non-verbal communication.

6 Ways To Get A Woman's Attention

6 Ways To Get A Woman’s Attention

Without saying anything, one can draw positive attention taking into account a series of factors that they take into account and that we can improve to enter with greater confidence with a conversation.

Whether at night in a nightclub or daytime seduction let’s know how to get the attention of a woman.

So, This is how to get a woman’s attention:

6 Ways To Get A Woman’s Attention


One of the first things they notice is the degree of confidence of a man.

As many times we have spoken on the web basically they have an innate radar to know who is the authentic alpha male of the group, the natural leader, the calm boss, etc.

You do not have to be the physically stronger or go hard, remember that the authentic alpha male is the silent authority that makes the leader in a subtle way.


As always it is a delicate subject to say that it is to dress well or not, but here I refer about all to the congruence between your clothes and your attitude.

In any case, your clothes indicate “your roll”, and make no mistake, if “your roll” is similar to your target girls your chances of attracting positively increase.


Before opening your mouth there is a “something” that tells you that someone is more or less intelligent, a distinction, a brightness … of course also humor or sharpness when speaking, empathy before the juncture of the moment.

If in addition to the previous points you have a brain, your desire points add up positively.


Much of the beauty of a face is decided in the middle area, that is, in the eyes.

The look indicates the previous point -intelligence- and also what kind of person you are, “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”.

That also includes the eyebrows-boys, being unicejo removes note and the type of glasses that you wear -watch that the mount favors you and is consistent with the type of clothes-.


Yes! As you laugh, as it sounds, a good denture … the sincere and spontaneous smile shows self-confidence and says a lot about our true personality.


They like the pleasure of a good conversation, but above all finding someone who has something to say, that is, a personality, sense of humor, an interesting life, some experiences …

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