6 Steps to seduce women

All men want to know how to seduce women to take them to bed, don’t you?

Love, romanticism and all those things come up later if there is enough time for the relationship to prosper.

Thus, what men want is to sleep with them. The famous Brazilian writer Jorge Amado said: “One cannot sleep with all the women in the world. But you have to try.”

Since you’re looking to seduce them quickly, you should know that it’s almost always a matter of testosterone. So look to increase your levels of this hormone, naturally.

To do this, focus on these tips.

6 Steps to seduce women

1. Think like her.

How? Wasn’t it a matter of testosterone? Clear!

But that does not mean you can not plan. Women are very intelligent and they know what you are looking for at the beginning (sleeping with them …).

So you can not usually pretend to have sex on the first date. Take it easy, the seduction process will give you an advantage, thinking like her, will make you move forward to overcome the obstacles.

2. Give her a present.

It is difficult for a woman not to be affected by a gift, chosen especially for her. It does not have to be expensive, but it shows that you think about her.

That, in addition, will tell her that you pay attention to her tastes and that you remember her.

There is nothing more seductive than that!

3. Make her talk, ask her about her life

Women love to be heard, how to seduce women also means to hear, to interpret what they say.

Showing a genuine interest in what she does will make her see you differently (“this boy has something special”, will be a habitual thought when she sees you).

4. Be funny, be original.

Do not approach her with the same strategies as always.

Remember that they know your intentions in advance.

5. Treat them as equals.

Nor above you or below. A woman almost certainly knows when a man devalues her achievements, even if he does not show it.

Do not discriminate against the female gender, usually, they work hard and strive much more than men to get what they have.

But do not put her through the roof either, that will make you suspicious.

6. Advance casual contact.

When you are talking to her, touch her on the arm, on the waist, take her hand. But in a casual way. Physical contact is very important.

It will tell her that you are confident, since you are touching her “without her permission”, and at the same time it is as if you were not thinking about sex but getting her attention …

A tip that does not fail, from the Roman times of “The art of loving”, Ovidio: If the woman accepts the contact, you can continue.

These tips on how to seduce women require you to cultivate confidence in yourself because that is the first attraction of a man.

(Source: http://taodelseductorpdf.com)