5 Tips to approach a woman

What conquers a woman is not that the man is so muscular, wealthy, successful, adventurous, funny or the position you have in society.

What allows you to conquer a woman is how you use any of these things if you have one or if you use any other that you have and distinguishes you.

Every man has something that makes him different from others, something that gives him an advantage, you just have to learn to exploit it for your benefit and to be able to conquer girls, specifically conquer the girls that really interest you.

Here is a list of things you should know to be able to approach a woman.

5 Tips to approach a woman

1* Avoid stereotypes:

Because something works for a guy does not mean that if you repeat it will work for you.

Some people say jokes because it comes out natural, but it may be that when you say a joke you screw it up or it’s just not as funny as when you heard it.

For Other guys works with tight clothing, but you just do not feel comfortable in it or you do not look good.

2* Do not use scripts for your conversations:

The more sensual and beautiful she is, the more likely she has heard everything you have to say if you are taking her out of the same phrases as all the men who approach her, I mean phrases like: “Why so alone?”, “You Must have fallen from heaven because you are an angel” or the most used “hello, can I invite you to something to drink?”.

If you are going to start with a trite phrase to connect with a woman it is better if you have something better prepared, in other words, if you are going to use a script to connect with her, better prepare your own script and avoid using the others.

3. * Transmit confidence in yourself:

Approach a woman with the intention of connecting her, starting from the moment you enter her visual field or she enters yours.

In the time that elapses from that moment until you say your first word to her, a complete communication has happened and it is very likely that she has already made some decision to give you the opportunity to at least introduce yourself or already chose the phrase to reject you without being rude.

This communication that happened is what is known as body language: your reaction when she looked at you, the posture of your body, your facial expression (you smile or you have the face of a man who is about to disarm a bomb using just a knife?), your way of walking, the way you move in the crowd, …

All this conveyed the message of whether you are confident, determined and adventurous even before you arrived in front of her.

4 * Handle a rejection as another proof:

Tomas Alba Edison tested 999 carbon filament models before finding the one that would allow creating the electric bulb, and said: “the previous 999 models are 999 ways of how not to do it”.

The point is that you should have fun when you approach women and learn when something does not go well, find where you did wrong, try which topics are interesting and which are not, take away from your mind that the woman you are talking to is your last chance or Something like that, relax and enjoy the moment, by keeping that in mind everything is easier.

5 * Learn from experts:

Sometimes we just need a push to unleash our full potential.

No woman is impossible (except the famous, perhaps ..), you just have to find a way to interest them.

(Source: https://www.taringa.net)