5 Things Women Think About The Penis

There is no man who enjoys with a woman, who has never wondered exactly what women think when they see his member for the first time.

Even though each girl is different and there are many reactions or ideas that can go through their head during this great meeting, the truth is that there are some almost universal thoughts that women usually share when they meet with the penis.

Do you want to kill that curiosity and discover the 8 things that women think about the penis?

Stay with us and we will reveal them to you in detail.

5 Things Women Think About The Penis

1. Package size.

The importance of size has become a controversial issue that worries men a lot, however, and contrary to what they usually think, a very large penis is not something that drives women crazy too much, as a big member also can do a lot of damage.

If when she looks at the penis she discovers that it is not the expected size, it will be difficult to hide the disappointment (or fear, it depends).

In the same way, if the extension is the expected, satisfaction will also be noticeable, although it should be clarified that if the boy in question does not know how to use what he has the dissatisfaction will become palpable later.

And it is important to remember that a member of appropriate proportions you must know how to combine with a good technique that allows both to enjoy the encounter, or everything will be lost.

2. I was not expecting this.

Oh, the expectation!

Not always a tall guy, with huge hands, muscular and yet seemingly big can get to please a woman, on the contrary, those physical characteristics can be deceiving.

Girls must be clear that the size depends on many factors, and that good and toned muscles or an important height are no guarantee of anything.

On the other hand, it is good that they know that no matter how they train they will not be able to increase the size of “that” muscle in particular. So it is best to reduce expectations and be a little more realistic on both sides.

3. It looks like…

Men live persecuted by the uncertainty of the size, but it is not necessary to forget either the form.

And it is that when a penis has a curious appearance it is inevitable to think that it looks like something women already know and that it has nothing to do with sex. A banana, a mushroom, an eggplant, a salami … the imagination is the guide and you can do little against this thought.

But, again, there is nothing better than knowing how to use it.

4. How dark it is!

She hoped it would be a little clearer, similar to the owner’s skin tone and suddenly, a member with a darker tone that catches her by surprise.

Although this is nothing negative, it does not stop causing curiosity. This difference in hue is due to the blood circulation of the male reproductive organ, although in some very rare cases it can be caused by a lack of hygiene. If so, the smell will warn and surely scare, so there is nothing to worry about.

5. If I do this, will it hurt him?

As you well know, women do not have a penis, so they usually wonder what will happen if they do this or that to their partner.

If I move it like that, will he like it? If I do this, will it hurt him? What happens if I push here? And here?

It is an instrument of pleasure but also a kind of toy for women, so the desire to explore and the doubts when women see it are normal and also extend to the testicles as well.

6. How fast this thing grew up.

You are kissing and suddenly, in less time than she thinks, your little “friend” doubles or triples in size and it is impossible to hide.