5 Things that women love about men but do not say

Women, that intricate labyrinth full of beauty and sensitivity, is at the same time a calm hurricane.

Books and more books have been written trying to find out their deepest desires, concerns or fears. Poetry, stories, novels, and songs have not sufficed (or will suffice) to explore the universe that they build daily, only to destroy it at night and redo it at dawn.

In 2000, the comedy starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt “What they want“, raised the story of Nick Marshall as a successful publicist who, after being electrocuted by accident, begins to listen to the thoughts and secrets of all women who surround him.

However, at that point, it is worth asking if we would know what to do if we could listen to women’s thoughts. Nick Marshall thought he would know, but it was not like that.

Human relationships are more complex than they appear. In the female universe, discretion is a highly valued asset. Pride and self-love hardly play without knowing the terrain in which they intern; almost never, women recognize those small details that make them lose their heads for a man when they are properly employed. As it happens to most men with women and their details.

Details; a term famed for its scope of action and the power of its benefits when it is known how to be applied.

Here are some listed with the aim of revealing secrets or attitudes that, regardless of whether men are from Venus or Mars as we were led to believe, women love about men, but do not say it.

5 Things that women love about men but do not say

1. A pleasant smell.

If there is anything that remains in a woman’s memory, it is the aroma of the man that attracts her.

It does not matter if you wake up together or meet from time to time, the smell is that little-unwritten letter that you carry with you everywhere.

A gentle fragrance is an answer to any question. It is forbidden to abuse the colony without hygiene.

2. That strives to get along with her family and friends.

They note the effort of their partner when they try (willingly) to integrate with their family or friends, even when the man does not like them so much. The sacrifice is worth it.

3. That is decided.

Man, regardless of any sociocultural pressure, must know what he wants. This attitude is combined with respect and understanding.

4. The attention.

Several studies have revealed that women, for the most part, are much more auditory than men. The reason why they like words and warm expressions. A subtle compliment is more effective than a striking bouquet of flowers.

Look her in the eye when she speaks, hold her hand, let her know how important she is to you without being a special date; those details do not require an account in the bank and are valuable.

5. Good memory.

Memory is selective, not bad.

The anniversary, the birthdays, that anecdote where she tells why she feared the darkness as a child … men who remember that do it because they pay attention; attentive men know how to listen and there is nothing more attractive than that.

(Source: https://culturacolectiva.com)