5 Steps to conquer a Beautiful woman

In this entry, I want to share with you some secrets that have helped me in how to conquer a beautiful woman.

It’s not that difficult once you get the idea, what is more, it’s all so easy that it’s going to look like a lie.

5 Steps to conquer a Beautiful woman

5 Steps to conquer a Beautiful woman

No matter how good the girl is, or that you are a number 5, these tricks are infallible.

5 Steps to conquer a Beautiful woman

1. Change of attitude.

The first guideline to take into account is the attitude you take in life. Yes, it’s not about cheap psychology, this works in 95% of cases.

A man, no matter what he looks like, who has a determined attitude, has half the battles won.

For that, take care of your hygiene, keep a clean image; that helps at a pretty high percentage.

Also, in urgent situations, being well dressed gives you security (it does not have to be branded clothes or anything, just decent clothes).

This attitude that I am talking about includes knowing what you are capable of, knowing your own abilities and accepting yourself as you are.

2. Know your goal.

The second step is to study women and know them.

In what sense?

They like to be heard, to be valued in things that do not necessarily have to do with their physique; Even so, they like you to notice the little details, like getting a nice haircut.

If you want to know how to conquer a beautiful woman then start observing her behavior, what she likes, what she talks about, etc.

3. Address her with security.

There is nothing like a self-confident man, and this is related to point number 1.

If you hesitate when you speak to her, she will probably “crush” you with her indifference.

Because she will simply not look at you.

You must have a reliable appearance and be polite and friendly, but at the same time give a certain firmness to understand.

4. Dominate physical contact.

When people speak we tend to approach; This indicates that you do not feel fear or that there is no type of rejection.

The important thing is to capture the mood of the girl.

While conversing with her, you must venture and touch her arm and see how she reacts; If she does not show displeasure with your contact, continue.

It can be in the waist, if you are walking, or in the back while you give her way in front of a door.

Touching her is important.

The “casual” contact will make her aware of your presence, and it will be easy to get a first or second date.

Even if she does not know you, she will give you her phone number, I guarantee it.

5. Ask for her things and be interested.

This is said a lot but sometimes we ignore it.

Being interested in someone, listening carefully and asking pertinent things makes people feel naturally attracted to you, it generates empathy.

And you make them feel special. With women, it is the same.

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