5 Signs that she is not interested in you

When you like a girl you should be very careful to know if she feels attracted to you or not.

There are 5 Signs that she is not interested in you and you should know them. That way you will not waste time.

Sometimes it is so much the interest that some people feel for the other that they are not able to interpret them correctly. But without a doubt, there are some signs that are unmistakable.

The next are some of them.

5 Signs that she is not interested in you

1) She does not answer the messages and calls.

If you constantly write to her or call her and she simply does not answer or takes a few hours to do it, it’s time to say enough.

When one person is interested in the other, they will always respond to the messages. You will want to talk to her most of the time.

Do not believe in excuses that she is very busy. If you notice that she is online, she can respond, but she does not want to talk to you.

If it leaves you in seen. Leave her alone. She is not interested and you must turn the page.

2) Avoids being alone with you.

When a woman is not interested in a man she does not want to be alone with him ever. Always prefers to be with a group of friends to keep you from approaching.

It is not even about whether you like to woo her or not in excess. But sometimes she cannot stand your company.

Do not push her. It can be worse and very unpleasant to you.

If she avoids staying alone with you so that you can talk and get to know each other more, she is not interested.

This is a very clear signal.

3) Rejects your invitations to go out.

I have to study, I can not, I have work. I already met a friend.

These are excuses that women always invent to reject your invitations.

If she had never agreed to go out with you or after the first date, she never wanted to go out with you again. The best thing is to say: next!

She is not busy, she just does not want to go out with you and is not able to tell you.

4) Does not pay attention.

Beyond what she talks to you, you must be very attentive to non-verbal communication.

If when you are with her she is distracted, she does not pay attention to you and she looks at her cell phone, they are signs that she is not comfortable with the company she has.

If her body sends signs of reluctance, yawns and does not look at you while you are talking, the best thing is to save your energies for someone else.

5) Becomes rude.

Treating someone badly is a very clear signal first of bad manners.

Second that that person does not like you and does not tolerate you.

If she is very rude to you, she treats you badly, she even comes to the insult, have a little bit of self-esteem and go away.

As much as she is not interested in you, she does not have to treat you badly and you much less endure it.

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