5 Common Penile Diseases

The mistaken idea that man is the one who should have the initiative, disposition, and care during the sexual act, has forced the man to ignore or feel shame for asking about the health of his reproductive system.

Because, as women, since starting an active sexual life is necessary to go to an expert on a regular basis.

However, what are the most common penile diseases?

Or, what symptoms do you have to pay more attention to?

5 Common Penile Diseases

1.  Erectile dysfunction…

In addition to affecting self-esteem (you feel loss of your virility, your “value” as a man), the difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection could be a sign that the blood vessels are covered or, there is an injury caused by diabetes, as well describes the National Library of Medicine of the United States.

2. Phimosis.

In this condition there is a narrowing of the prepuce (skin that lines the tip of the penis), which prevents it from sliding down; what can cause infections, lack of hygiene, fissures, bleeding, and cancer.

 3. Condylomas accumulated.

According to Dr. Luis Rodríguez Vela, of the Urology and Sexual Medicine Institute, condylomas are warts of one to 10 millimeters in diameter and usually have a rosy or brown appearance.

They appear in the foreskin and the glans.

 4. Infections by fungus.

It is also known as candidiasis balanitis and causes itching and redness in the penis after sexual contact.

Later it produces small pustules and lesions that flake off (the skin falls off).

 5. Peyronie’s disease.

The penis curves during the erection due to a hard mass called plaque.

Eye! Many of these diseases of the penis can be complicated and compromise the sexual and physical health of the man if they are not taken care of in time.

Put aside the shame and go once a year to your urologist.