4 Reasons why she could tell you that she has a boyfriend

If you have just met a woman it may be worth asking why the boyfriend issue came to light.

If you think about it a bit, it might be best to save this conversation for later.

So if you agree, just skip asking if she has a boyfriend in the first interaction.

Besides that this question could show too much interest and make you look desperate, it is also a double-edged sword that could end up hurting your efforts.

In some cases, if your game is too bold and she feels pressured, she could tell you that she has a boyfriend even if you have not asked her.

A lot of men would give up if this happens to them. The problem is that she may be telling the truth or lying.

On the other hand, the fact that she says she has a boyfriend does not always mean that she is rejecting you.

After thinking about it a bit and torturing some friends to tell the truth, we came up with these 5 reasons why a woman could tell you that she has a boyfriend.

The point is that you convince yourself that it is not always a rejection.

4 Reasons why she could tell you that she has a boyfriend

1. She says she has a boyfriend but it’s a lie.

Most men would think that if a woman tells her that she has a boyfriend, it is because she actually has it and would be unable to deceive him.

The bad thing is that in this case, that is a lie.

In this case, the reason she says she has a boyfriend is because the way you approached her or the impression you gave her did not please her.

In short, she does not feel attracted and prefers to invent a boyfriend.

2. She says she has a boyfriend and it’s true.

What this means is that in addition to having a boyfriend, you did not manage to attract her enough to consider you a better option than her current boyfriend.

Simply after analyzing it quickly, she has concluded that considering the options, her current boyfriend is the preferred option.

3. She has a boyfriend but she wants you to know.

In this situation, she has a boyfriend but at the same time, she feels strongly attracted to you.

She knows that if things get intense she could end up doing something disloyal but a part of hers wants that to happen.

What she really wants is to let you know that she is in a relationship, so if she sexually relates to you, she expects understanding and discretion.

She also wants to set aside certain responsibilities, making it clear that you know what you are getting into.

4. She has a boyfriend but she disclaims responsibility.

In this case, she may also feel very attracted to you.

She is aware that she has a boyfriend but she also thirsts for adventure, so she tells you that she is in a relationship but not in order to reject you, if not to disclaim responsibility.

She could be thinking something like:

“I told him that I have a boyfriend and he is conscious. If something happens it is his fault because in reality, he was the one who provoked everything”.

Even though she did not seem to care much about cheating on her current boyfriend, you should be careful.

If things get ugly she might try to blame you for the whole mess.