3 Secrets of seductive body language for men

You may have searched the Internet for the secrets of body language to seduce women. However, these secrets are nothing extraordinary, which does not mean they are obvious things.

The foundation of all these secrets is that women love a relaxed and self-confident man.

To have a seductive body language, you must show complete serenity at all times.

All the gestures that suggest that you are calm and without stress will help you project a seductive image.

3 Secrets of seductive body language for men

1. Breathe slowly.

Notice that the breathing of an anxious person is superficial and rapid.

To stay relaxed, you need to breathe deeply and very slowly.

In fact, it would be better if you learned to breathe with your abdomen, just as lyrical singers do.

In this way, your breathing would be deeper and slower to avoid emotional disturbances.

2. Make slow movements.

No gestures that communicate brusqueness, exaggeration, stress or hurry.

If you are an alpha man and you are in control of the situation, there is no need to be gruff or be in a hurry. Your gestures should be rather slow and majestic.

3. Communicate better.

The seducers are great communicators.

This does not mean that they tend to fuss, but rather they emphasize and support their words using gestures of their hands and face.

They also give their voice a variety of inflections that express what they think or feel about what they say.

In addition to this, the fundamental thing is that you have the initiative to communicate with other people – and especially with women.

But you must do it without hesitation at any time.

(Source: https://metodosparaligar.com)