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Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Kisses

From the reactions on the brain to the implications on health, the kiss has many curious facts and here we tell you.

Kisses can be very different, but when they arise as a couple, this contact so typical of humans contains much more than it may seem at first glance.

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How To Make Your Kisses Unforgettable?

Make your kisses something magical, desired and a good memory.

There are several characteristics to give a good kiss. Therefore, here we will share some tips to give an unforgettable kiss:


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How To Approach A Woman If You Are Shy?

How do I approach a woman that interests me?

As far as I know for many men it is not difficult to seduce women, as long as they don’t like them too much. The problem comes when she is a woman who drives them crazy. In that case, it is when they do not know what they are going to say or what they are going to do and then seduction becomes a maze.

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Types Of Women Who Do Not Suit You

If you want to have healthy relationships, there are at least 5 types of women that you should avoid to be happy.





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How To Text A Woman You Just Just Met

Guys, the first texts you write to a woman are extremely important because it is these messages that help her determine if she wants to be more than just a friend to you.

Here we tell you how to How To Text A Woman You Just Just Met:


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5 Tactics That Don’t Work To Impress A Woman

Some guys become true peacocks to get a woman’s attention. Some get drunk, others display skills where they are not experts or talk about conquests.

However, in general, women look for something much more spontaneous than what men bet on what impresses women.

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5 Reasons To Date A Feminist Girl

Many men believe that dating a feminist woman will be difficult because she will always want to be in control of the relationship.

However, all of that is far from reality, so here are five reasons to do so:


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Phrases Women Hate Hearing From Men

Here there are 4 phrases women don’t like to hear from their partners:




Phrases Women Hate Hearing From Men

1. “But what are you tired of if you didn’t do anything all day?”:

Is this question serious?

The fact that she stays at home and you go to work does not mean that she goes to sleep. She is in charge of cleaning the house, ordering everything, making sure everything is fine and if you have children she must obviously take care of them and that is not an easy task.

2. Excuse me, “Weren’t you on a diet?”

Sure, she is or just takes care of her health and eats healthy things, but on the weekend she craves and wants a delicious dessert or a fatty hamburger.

You might not say it with the intention of bothering her or you think she’s fat, but unfortunately, that’s what she thinks when this phrase comes out of your mouth.

3. “Whenever you go shopping you always forget something.”

She went shopping for the week, she made sure to include everything on the list in the cart and she missed that Sunday beer, then she gets home and with a tone of outrage, you only criticize what she forgot. You should have accompanied her to start off.

4. “And if we stay at home do you prepare something tasty?”.

She bought a nice dress, went to the hairdresser, she wore her makeup and looks like a model because you had agreed to go out, suddenly you lie on the couch because you are tired and suggest that she cooks for you while watching television.

5. “I’ll call you when the game is over, is it okay?”

We understand, football is one of the most sacred things for you and it’s fine. The problem arises when you had already agreed to do something and you cancel it to watch a game.

Typical Cruelties Of Women

Whether to “take revenge” or to get attention, women often resort to certain weapons to punish their partners.







Typical Cruelties Of Women

1. Flirt with others.

Maybe you just had a fight and for no apparent reason, she starts flirting with another man. They believe that this is a sign of immaturity.

2. They test their men.

When men go out with their friends, she calls to change his plans for no apparent reason. Men believe that such a test is cruel.

3. Not having sex.

For most men, if not for all, sex is like breathing, so using this to punish you can truly be an ordeal.

4. Criticizing her man in public.

Today that women occupy increasingly important positions, who are independent and own their time, men are also ridiculed to that extent.

5. They use psychological violence.

Sometimes women are specialists in inflicting some psychological pain on men or attacking and telling men humiliating words like “weak” or “pathetic”, among hundreds more.

6. They use men to get free drinks.

Some women go out for drinks without planning to spend a penny. Instead, they have no qualms that, if a man feels attracted to them, they can invite him to the table so that he later pays for the drinks.

3 Men Personal Care Tips

Three beauty tips for men that you should know and apply.

Attention guys! After the day to day, work and overtime that wear us out, we get tired and finally age us, it is shown that when we get up, we look more emaciated, with a swollen face, luminous skin, and bags in the eyes. How to solve it?

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