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Promises Every Man Should Make To His Crush

Today’s women like facts more than words. But, making promises and keeping them they will love and will make them feel safe with us.




Promises Every Man Should Make To His Crush

1. I promise to continue conquering you, day by day.

I promise to continue doing everything I did to win your heart.

2. I promise you that I will try to make the relationship fun.

So we don’t fall into the routine.

3. I promise that I will fight for you.

Because there is always us.

4. I promise to show you off.

Introduce you to my friends, coworkers, and family.

5. I promise to call you when I tell you that I will do that.

Even if I am busy, I will always have time for you.

6. I promise not to ask about your past.

I don’t care, I care about you, here and now.

7. I promise to adore your friends.

Every time you argue with them I promise not to intrude, I am aware that they were long before me.

8. I promise to strive to maintain the existing chemistry between us.

I will always do my best so that passion and chemistry persist.

9. I promise that I will try to satisfy you to the fullest.

Always, you will be my priority.

10. I assure you that our relationship will be a treasure for me.

I will be aware that it is private, only between you and me.

11. I promise that every time you get sick, I will take care of you and prepare you the food that you most want.

12. I promise to respect you, always.

Phrases That Men Say “Innocently”

Men should keep in mind that when they argue with their partner, they must take good care of every word they say. Remember that in moments like that we have stopped being rational at all.

Here we tell you what 9 sentences could be misunderstood.

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Things Every Man Should Know About A Sarcastic Woman

Sometimes in our life, we ​​have crossed paths with some sarcastic woman, but only a few have dared to conquer these types of girls.

Before you start dating a woman who has a peculiar sense of humor, you better know 10 things about them:


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Insecurities Of Men

Men, as well as women, have doubts about our appearance that concern us more and more.

However, each of them has a solution and often go unnoticed by people.



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How Can I Be More Handsome?

Although women are known to care a lot about their image and look beautiful, however, men also worry maybe a little less or the same as women.

The question that many men have ever asked themselves is how can I look more handsome?

Believe it or not, there are some tips that will help you look much better:

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Things You Shouldn’t Tell A Woman According To Psychology

When a woman loves, she can endure any kind of pain in order to keep love alive. In that romantic eagerness, they accept negative treatment by men, forgetting that this feeling must be sincere, innocent and warm.

Knowing this phenomenon, psychologist John Gottman conducted an investigation and discovered that although women appear to be sure to respect themselves and give themselves their place with their partners, there are comments that seem not to be harmful, but in reality, they are like a low blow.

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Gestures That Keep A Woman Happy

The woman is the most complicated being in the entire universe, but we must love her and not question her, besides if she is happy, the world is happy.

Women are unpredictable, right? One minute they are happy and the next they go crazy, but it is said that a woman should be loved and not understood.

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Zodiac Women Easy To Love

Their charms and way of being, make any man fall in love with these women of the zodiac, discover if she is on the list!

They possess a charm not only physical but also of an impressive charisma that delights everyone who meets them, the zodiac women easy to love, are impossible to get out of the mind.


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How To Forget A Bad Woman

The first thing you have to do is stop thinking that a woman is bad just because she doesn’t love you.

Your relationship with her ended badly and you want to forget her? well, here we will tell you how: the first thing you have to do is stop thinking that a woman is bad for the simple fact that she does not love you, whatever the reason if her conduct is good or bad, neither you nor anyone is responsible for judging her.

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Male Behaviors Women Love

These are the things that women are attracted to find in a man, they find it irresistible.

Not only is it the physical aspect that a woman likes of a man, someone may be very handsome but if he has no other attributes it is of no use, it is like a very striking but empty case.

It is generally a combination of several details that attract women. These are the male behaviors that most appeal to women:

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