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Types Of Females Orgasms

Did you know that the central nervous system is the cause of experiencing female orgasms?

This is how the generation of electrical impulses that travel from the brain to the spinal cord of women’s body causes them to experience these great sensations.


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“Uncommon” reasons for infidelity in women

Traditionally, couple deception has been attributed as a common and accepted cause among men, however, in women, it is also more frequent than previously believed. The difference could be in the reasons for women’s infidelity.


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How to know if she is the woman of your life?

Have you found your better half?

Just as women seek the ideal man, that boy of their dreams that will make her very happy.

Well, even if you do not believe it, men also do the same. However, many times that special person is met in unexpected encounters, which due to fate make us stumble upon them.

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Mistakes that men commit in bed

Mostly some men either because of their inexperience or simply because they do not know, commit sexual mistakes that could annoy their partner.

According to specialist doctors.
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This is the kind of man a woman wants according to her age

In social networks, a message is being shared that tries to decipher what a woman really wants from a man at a certain age.

Several digital media have taken into account the message that is being shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, and from which we can take as a reference some general ideas to reach a consensus.

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Ingredients that make you a more attractive man

Women like men who make them laugh, that is scientifically proven, and it is good news for men who were not born with great physical attractiveness, but besides that, there are other ‘ingredients’ that would make you an irresistible man in front of women and raise your attractiveness.

The expert psychologist Ronald E. Riggio has a column in the specialized portal Psychology Today where he has described what would be the key elements that would increase your attractiveness before women.

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Reasons to stop feeling jealous

In most couples, jealousy is very common but does not help at all, because when it is excessive, it can be the trigger to end your relationship.

Therefore, we have prepared a special with 13 reasons for you to realize that you should not feel jealous.

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Types Of Men That Women Can Not Stand

Not all people are perfect, but there are men whose character traits cause displeasure in many women.

Of course, all these types are just an assumption and many of them are exaggerated, but in reality, they exist. decided to show you 12 types of men that for women are a real expenditure of time and effort.

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How To Win A Woman’s Heart According To Her Zodiac Sign

In this way, you can enter her mind and win the heart forever of a woman according to her zodiac sign.

They say that girls are somewhat complicated and that sometimes a NO is the equivalent of a YES when it comes to relationships, so the stars are going to say how to win the heart of a woman according to her zodiac sign.

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The Man That Every Woman Wants To Have As A Couple

Attentive, polite, formal, gentlemanly, tender, romantic, this is the man that all women want to have as a couple.

Winning a girl’s heart is easier than you think since it is a false idea that they are looking for a blue prince, the one that only exists in love movies.

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