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Characteristics Of Gallantry

The world keeps turning, and not for anyone.

Times change, and there are words that are left in disuse, because the concepts they represent, have changed, or ceased to exist.

Some words are born in a specific time and place and then disappear without pain or glory, while others adapt to new times. Such as the gallantry and what characterizes it.

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Best Aphrodisiacs For Women

In most couples, part of a good relationship is a good sex life.

However, this is not always easy: each person’s libido may not be in tune with that of their partner. This has been noticed for millennia, so they began to look for aphrodisiacs for the female sex.

The best ones, from yesterday and today, are the ones that follow:

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How To Forget A Girl Who Never Wanted You

Maybe, simply, she did not see you as a candidate.

Or maybe she liked the idea of having someone under her control, and that’s why she gave you hope, hopes that would never materialize, and you saw it one day.

You saw that girl was playing with you when in truth you were nobody for her. You knew that she never loved you, at least not as something that was not a friend, or something to have fun.

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Reasons Why A Woman Does Not Want To Have Sex With You

Doesn’t your partner want to have sex with you?

It is important that you detect the reason for her attitude because it is a message that should not be ignored.

Reasons there are many and very varied, and depending on which is, the problem can be of greater or lesser severity.

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Why Do Women Like Bad Guys?

They always say that they are looking for a good, understanding and sensitive man, that understands them and cares about them.

But at the moment of truth, they end up leaving with the shit that does not comply at all with that definition.

If it is already difficult to understand women, it is still more difficult when it comes to finding out their motivations to do just the opposite of what they proclaim.

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The Advantages Of Having An Unattractive Girlfriend

Let’s be honest. Having an unattractive girlfriend does not fit anyone’s plans.

When we want love to come to our lives, we want it to be in the form of a person we like in every way, including the physical. But you can not control your heart, and there are times when an unattractive girl conquers us and we can not help wanting to be with her.

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How to flirt on the internet

In this section, we are going to give you 5 steps of how to flirt on the internet, with which you will have better marked the way to conquer the girl you want online.




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How to be an expert in seduction

Being an expert in seduction is one of the great aspirations of the masculine gender. Getting to attract a woman to get sexual relationships, is one of the arts that every man aspires to dominate.

The truth is that it is not necessary to be a clone of Leonardo Di Caprio to seduce a woman, it is enough that we take into account some basic advice.

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How to flirt with a stranger

If you have entered here, maybe it’s because you have no idea how to flirt with a stranger. That is why we will answer this question in a concise and clear manner so that you can easily understand the art of connecting with women.


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How to flirt with women at the gym

If your goal is to know how to flirt in the gym, either because someone attracts you specifically or simply because you want to find a girl with your same goal, here you will know everything you need to make it easy and not commit typical mistakes that many often make when they decide to flirt in the gym of their neighborhood or city.

How your physique influences to flirt in the gym.

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