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How To Talk to A Woman If I’m Shy

It is a mistake to think that to conquer a woman you have to be extroverted. The timid are people who promise to have an inner world full of secrets, and that can become a feature much more attractive to a girl than to be telling jokes and making yourself the funny one all the time.

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How To Conquer An Alpha Woman

An alpha woman knows what she wants and knows that is a great woman, although it is true that some men prefer a woman who is submissive, sweet and who cares for them.

Although there is nothing wrong with this, an alpha woman is not like that. Alpha women do not need a particular man, they do not look for a blue prince … They are leaders.

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How To Make Her Like You

Whatever you do you do not know how to stop thinking about her, every song reminds you of her and you want to spend all day with her. The problem?

You do not know how to approach, get her attention or even invite her to a coffee.

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Myths About Women’s Orgasm

Despite the large amount of information that exists about intimacy, there are beliefs about sexuality that persist, so in this entry, we will tell you what are the three myths about women’s orgasm and the reason why they are false.

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How To Know When A Woman Is Aroused

The enjoyment of both people during a sexual and intimate encounter is very important, since sex, to be fun, must include the pleasure that the couple compliments.

In the case of men, with the erection, sexual arousal is very evident. This does not seem very obvious in the case of women.

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Phrases That Every Woman Wants To Hear From The Man She Loves

Some simple sentences will make a girl feel valued, admired and above all loved.

Peruvian writer Isabel Allende once mentioned that “For women, the best aphrodisiac is the words, the G-spot is in the ears, the one who looks below is wasting time” and without a doubt is right, there is nothing that makes a woman fall in love more than a sentence, said at any time.

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Attitudes That Make You An Immature Man

If you want to push women away from you, choose to have these qualities.

Just as you-men-like to have a safe and beautiful woman, we must tell you that women love having a hard-working couple with attitudes that reflect maturity and stability.

Without thinking, sometimes men usually make comments or have attitudes that keep women away and make them become immature in the face of key circumstances to conquer someone.

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Tips That A Man Should Consider When Looking For The Ideal Footwear

Shoes are a key element in any winter look.

And is that often these are the key for your clothing to look good or the opposite.

For this reason, the experts of Cole Haan give us a couple of options in men’s shoes to maintain the style this season.

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Mistakes Men Make When Trying To Lose Weight

To avoid gaining weight, we tend to perform arduous training routines in the gym, such as lifting weights, in order to get fit and burn excess body fat.

However, despite performing different types of sports we cannot see good results and we even notice that we have gained a few extra kilos, a situation that causes us frustration and that, many times, causes us to stop exercising.

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Tips For A Man To Have An Executive Look

For any job, the look that a person wears is very important, because everything enters through the eyes.

For this reason, if you are one of the men who dress with the first thing you find in your closet, let me tell you that you are making a serious mistake.

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