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Ways To Be More Interesting To A Woman

To attract women, the key is to be interesting. But for many to achieve it seems more difficult than it really is.

In a simple idea: to interest women, you must work to be a more interesting person in general.

Cultivating your physique and your appearance may be important, but they need something more: intellect, culture, and attitude.

Here we suggest some tips so you can be more interesting and have more success with women.

Ways To Be More Interesting To A Woman

1. Relax.

Between a bitter boy and one who smiles, it is clear who has the advantage.

Take the time necessary to meet your obligations, live life calmly, focus on what you need to improve but not allowing stress to consume you and negativity to take control of your mind.

Logically, the man who is willing to take on tasks with good will always be more attractive.

Avoid tantrums, focus on working to solve problems instead of allowing them to consume you. If you are a relaxed person and you take life joyfully, you will attract positive things and people.

They will want to get close to you, as well as friends and as a couple.

2. Learn to dance.

Dance skills are directly related to your sexual performance.

Although it seems like a myth, many women assume that a man who has rhythm and knows how to dance well will also know how to move properly in bed.

If you do not have many skills on the dance floor, you’re probably afraid when you’re invited to parties or clubs or intimidated by your lack of skills.

But you are missing a great opportunity because it is precisely there where there are more chances of finding women willing to have fun and that are also looking for men for a relationship.

Take private lessons, in a short time you will learn the basics to invite them to dance in a nightclub, you will see that not only your confidence will go up, but also your dates.

3. Cook for them.

It is said that love enters through the belly, and this also applies in the case of women.

It is always sexy and attractive to go out with a man who spends one night cooking a special dinner for his partner.

Now, it is clear that learning to cook is not something that is achieved from one day to the next, but even if you do not know how to do it much, you can always learn the basics to “defend yourself” well in the kitchen if the opportunity to invite a girl to your house arises.

The best thing is that you learn to cook about three or four dishes. Although you do not know how to cook all the variety of foods that you like, if you know how to cook four dishes well, very well, you will have a lot of time gained in case of a date.

It is a matter of quality rather than quantity: that you learn to refine your dishes and preparations and achieve to dazzle the woman you invite with an excellent dish.

4. Use an accessory that gives you style.

Create a unique image using an object or accessory that identifies you, for example, a pair of expensive lenses, a watch you bought on a tourist trip or maybe a tattoo with a special meaning.

These types of details help you stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of women.

If the piece or tattoo has an interesting story, much better because it will be an excellent excuse to break the ice and start a conversation between you.

One of my college friends had a very interesting ring that he wore with pride. One day I could not stand the curiosity and I had to ask him about it.

He took it off and gave it to a friend with the instruction that she finds out the story behind the jewelry.

It turns out that inside there was an inscription that said “for the best son”, obviously this generated a very nice chat and made him more interesting before her eyes.

5. Travel more.

Even on short trips, our worldview tends to expand.

Go to a new place, where everything generates curiosity and you feel the motivation to explore and ask to learn about new cultures and ways of seeing the world.

Traveling gives you the opportunity to interact with new people, taste new foods, learn customs and experience other cultures.

When you return to your home you will arrive refreshed and with new stories to share with that woman you like, more ideas to break the ice and engage in interesting conversations.

She will notice your enthusiasm and listen to you with attention.

6. Read interesting books.

“Reading makes you dream”, They say. A person who learns and constantly acquires new knowledge always has good topics of conversation and is interesting for others.

Do not settle for repeating what you hear from others, better read, inform yourself, and surprise everyone.

Cultivating the intellect is as important as caring for your appearance.

Tips From 10 Women For Men Who Want To Surprise

They say that women with good wine are a mixture of mystery, cosmos, ingenuity, and seduction.

Some say they are from Venus and others that they do not look like any planet because they are absolutely abstract; Some love them, they understand them and they know how to please them, others not so much.

However, among all these nuances we can not deny that behind them lives a magic that all women love to discover.

So much is what they inspire, that they have divided the history of humanity with their steps, but above all they have changed the lives of many men, filling them with colors, joys, and love.

And it is perhaps because for this, that everyone loves to surprise them, but, it is just at that moment when men decide to do it that the real question is born.

How? What surprises a woman? How to make an unforgettable surprise?

Here we tell you 3 tips in which 10 women coincide and can help you surprise her.

Tips From 10 Women For Men Who Want To Surprise

1. Something unexpected:

A surprise is about marvel with something unforeseen or that escape us from understanding and it is a little incomprehensible and for women is definitely everything that is unexpected and out of the routine.

They love it!

For this, it is very important to take into account how is the day to day of the relationship and thus find just what would make the difference.

No matter what it may be, it can range from an invitation to eat, flowers, letters, declarations of love, songs, games, jokes or a beautiful word.

Of course, undoubtedly and as one of the best-kept secrets of women is to do something very romantic, half cheesy that she knows is a little outside of your personality.

The story of Susana with SOMETHING UNEXPECTED:

“Once I was in the house of some friends and I asked my parents to come for me, I do not know at what moment he spoke to them and I calmly got out of the car and when I saw who it was, IT WAS HE!”

2. Do it yourself:

Here the stories are endless.

A combination of joy and tenderness, beyond the specific detail they choose, is about imagining them doing something thinking about women; cooking, a card, a very special dinner with flowers, a drawing, whatever!

The result is the least, here the most exciting thing is knowing that they spent a moment of their day to pause, get out of the routine and do something for them.

So, let your imagination fly, as long as it’s done for you, women all love it.

The story of Carolina with a DO IT YOURSELF:

“My boyfriend once took my lunch to work and it was a Hamburger that he made. (Carolina loves hamburgers) The best I’ve ever tasted!

3. Read the mind or anticipate the wishes:

This is a supernatural power that we do not know how some men have developed.

We do not know how they manage to know what is just what women want and at what moment to do it to surprise them; From knowing when they want air conditioning in the car or serving them a little more wine to take them on a surprise trip to the sea or a concert to see their favorite singer.

The story of Maria when they ANTICIPATED TO HER DESIRES:

“I was going to turn 27 years old in 2 days and while we were talking on the phone I told him: -only fantasizing- that it would be nice to spend it on the beach and in 5 minutes I had a ticket for San Andres Islands. I almost die!”

Bonus: Make her laugh, as Audrey Hepburn says, “I like people who make me laugh. Honestly, I think laughing is the thing I like the most. It cures a multitude of evils and is probably the most important thing in a person. ”

And we add that it conquests!

We hope that these 3 tips in which 10 women agreed will inspire you to surprise her every day in different ways and always find an excuse to cheer TOGETHER!


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