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4 Reasons why she could tell you that she has a boyfriend

If you have just met a woman it may be worth asking why the boyfriend issue came to light.

If you think about it a bit, it might be best to save this conversation for later.

So if you agree, just skip asking if she has a boyfriend in the first interaction.

Besides that this question could show too much interest and make you look desperate, it is also a double-edged sword that could end up hurting your efforts.

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Things seducers do that you can do today

Do you have the potential to be a seducer?

Being a seducer is not just about kissing unknown women. Seduction has a very powerful effect.

Whoever controls this art is capable of pleasing people and breaking down their barriers. A seducer holds the keys to social success.

In this entry, we list 5 basic characteristics that make a person seductive.

Tell us, Are you a seducer?

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Tips to flirt with a woman that work

It may be that to many people, “flirt” sounds like something exclusive to the female sex, but let me tell you that it is not like that, you’ll see that no man will want to miss some tips to flirt a woman.

Although there are women who become experts in flirting since high school, men seem not to understand it at all, there are even those who fail to understand it in all their lives.

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Things that any woman considers attractive in a man

If we were in a bar drinking some beers and asking you what is it that attracts you to women?

I would probably guess more than half of your answers, I think any man would, but do you know what attracts them to us?

They tell us in their own words, the good news is that many of these points we can work on and thus improve our opportunities.

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Tips on How to Keep a Conversation with a Woman

You might already know that it is not the same to start a conversation than to keep the woman engaged in your interaction … they are two totally different things.

When you enter, when you start the conversation, your only focus is to get the woman’s attention. And for many, the hardest part is how to keep that woman’s attention to us.

That’s why I decided to make 10 seduction tips, all related so you can learn how to keep a conversation alive with a woman you are with:

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Tips to flirt with a woman

Do you lose your head for the new girl in the office? Do you have trouble concentrating when she is close?

And, then, what are you waiting for to conquer her?

On paper, everything seems very simple, but it is not.

Well, for some people it’s easy, but for others … it’s almost an impossible mission.

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Lies women say the most

Men ask too much and sometimes they leave women no choice but to lie. Check out the most common lies that women say

Women are experts in getting out of any problem, and sometimes they do it by stretching the truth a bit (or changing it completely).

We asked 30 women what was the most common lie they told their partner, and these are the results.

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What Do Women Expect From Men?

Men tend to be more easily attracted than women, men who want to seduce women need to have a subtle approach, since women tend not to want to go straight to bed.

Keep in mind, women tend not to be as influenced by appearance as men, there are other considerations in the art of female seduction, learn them and you will have much more success with women.

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Passion Killers In A Man

To love only matters the inside, but there are certain habits in the boys that really scare women away, the number six is totally pulled by the hairs.

We do not know if he does not know or he does it on purpose.

But if he wants to seduce a woman, he is very wrong and is achieving the opposite effect.

These are the epic mistakes he makes.

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Things That Every Woman Wants Her Partner To Do For Her

Women do know what they want from men!

When they have a relationship they want simple things like cooperation, trust, and friendship.

Therefore, to clarify the doubts we indicate 12 things that every woman wants her partner to do for her.

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