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How to conquer a woman being an ugly man?

They say that Love is blind, so it is not about what women can see, but about what men make us feel.

So if you want to seduce a woman and you think you are ugly, calm down because the appearance is what counts less.

Remember the luck of the ugly, the beautiful ones want it.

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Masculine actions that hurt women

There are certain actions and behaviors that men have that harm the feelings of women.

Relationships are maintained thanks to the details with which they were conquered at the beginning of it.

Although science says that falling in love lasts only a few years or even months, it is always important to know how to cultivate, renew and strengthen the emotional ties with the loved one.

Some of the factors that can weaken the love in the couple are excessive obligations, responsibilities, stress, lack of communication, routine and lack of quality time with the loved one.

However, when there is love, commitment, and mutual respect, all obstacles are overcome, no matter how difficult they may seem.

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Things that hurt women more than infidelity

The death of a relative is one of many events that hurts a woman the most.

Infidelity is not the only thing that hurts a woman the most.

Here are some other situations that we discover in Salud180 that can be more painful, according to the opinion of Dr. Ana María Sánchez, a psychologist.

What hurts a woman the most?

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Steps to seduce your best friend to fall in love with you

Moving from a friendship to a relationship is simple if you do this:

When a man and a woman share tastes, hobbies, moments and time it is impossible for neither of them to fall in love.

Many cannot resist the company and the love that that person gives them and they want that friendship to become something more.

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Lies that says a woman who does not care about you

When you have certain time dating someone and things just do not move forward, you can start to question what will be happening, you may like that person very much but she may not want anything to do with you.

Some women have a hard time being direct or just do not know how to use the right words, or they are afraid of hurting you, that is why they use lies.

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Phrases that a woman says when she stopped loving

These prayers make it clear that love, illusion, and desire for the couple is over.

A woman in love is capable of everything for the man who has earned her heart, however as she gives herself with everything she usually retires. When she knows it’s time to say goodbye, a woman says some phrases that make it obvious that she has stopped loving.

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Body Language in Women Decoded: Arms and Hands

Today we will talk about the gestures of the arms and hands.

Here is the way to interpret the gestures of the arms:

The expert in nonverbal communication Joe Navarro points out that to correctly interpret the gestures of the arms you should pay attention to the restriction of movements.

When a person is cheerful, they do not restrict their arms and they move freely, even with expansive movements.

However, when the person is in a down mood, the arms are kept close to the trunk.

According to Navarro, this is because the brain orders the arms to protect the trunk -where the vital organs are- of the real or figurative threats.

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Body language signs she likes you

While women intuitively understand all forms of non-verbal communication, men need more help to understand body language.

“Does she like me?”

The man asks himself without understanding any of the gestures a girl has made in front of him.

Here we offer you 4 decoded gestures so that the next time you look at women’s body language – “Does she like me?”, you will think with certainty – to know what you should do next.

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How to conquer your woman?

When a man maintains a romantic relationship with a woman, passion often fades over time.

Both have been carried away by the routine and this has caused some problems in the relationship.

Maybe you have reached this moment of the relationship and, even though you want to do something about it, you do not know how to win your wife.

You have to make yourself attractive before her eyes, just as you were at the time you met.

Next, we offer you 3 tips to achieve it.

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