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How to make a woman happy

While being happy depends on each person, there are some tips for both men and women to be able to bring happiness to their partner.

There is no magic recipe that will automatically allow your partner to be happy but we can give you some tips that will contribute to the happiness between both, in this case, make a woman happy.

There is a lot of saying that women are very complex human beings and that many men do not understand how to please them; however, the trick is in the small details.
We hope that these tips will help you to get more than a smile from your partner:

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Myths about women you should stop believing

There are many misconceptions but widely spread around female sexuality.

Knocking down cliché ideas about gender stereotypes is very important. And when it comes to sexuality, there are many clichés that are repeated without even analyzing them.

Especially around female sexuality, there are several misconceptions that are considered true by many, and that prevent them from living sex freely and fully.

These are some of those myths about women and sex that everyone should stop believing.

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Most common mistakes of men in relationships

Finding the couple that suits our personality, time and tastes is not an easy task.

Usually, they speak of all those things that prince charming must have so that he manages to make the princess fall in love and she wants to leave the tower to be happy forever.

However, in the process, several things can happen, and there are some things that really end with the patience of all women.

That’s why I’m going to show you the 10 most common mistakes men make in relationships:

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Tips To Flirt Chatting

Flirting on the web could be divided into two stages: the first, flirt chatting with a woman on a contact page; the second, chatting through MSN to organize a meeting.

In order for you to reach the second stage, you must have created enough interest and confidence for her to agree to give you some of her contact information.

Also, getting the MSN is easier than her number, because with the MSN she can chat with you again, without facing the risk of you being a slob.

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Phrases to seduce a woman

Making a woman fall in love is not easy, women are so complicated that to understand them we would need a thousand-volume manual. Love is that complex.

Although they say they are unique and special, they do not stop being women and the first way to conquer them is by ear.

If you are single or with a partner, these 14 phrases will make your favorite girl more in love with you.

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Things that girls want on a first date

For the boys who wonder what the girls expect of them in their first meeting, here is everything they need to know.

Here are nine tips for all men who believe that this girl may be the right one.

Follow them, and you will have many more dates with that girl in the future.

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How to know if she is interested in you?

Women show interest in much more subtle ways than we men.

When a man is interested in a woman, everyone notices him even thousands of miles away, it is completely obvious.

However, women, if by the same society and the fact that they have been taught that men are the conquerors, do not send direct signals, but subtle signals that we must decipher, to advance our goal.

These signals can be evidenced through body language, verbal communication, and actions in general.

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Mistakes That Push Women Away

Most men are jealous even when there is no reason, which makes them look extremely stupid, there are some who come to believe that being jealous will impress women as if it were some sign of manhood, gentlemen in conclusion! NO !!!, no woman in her right mind will want to walk with a guy who feels threatened or intimidated by other men.

Women like men who are sure of themselves and stay the same even if there are men around.

If your girlfriend has to be supervised all the time and she is not reliable when she is with other guys, then why don’t you let her go?

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Kamasutra positions preferred by women

Attention men, # MujerDe10 shares the positions of the Kamasutra preferred by women, take note and practice them, you will notice that the woman will feel greater pleasure. Girls to share the note with their boyfriends, friends, lovers, couples, etc …

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Ways to Get a Girl’s Number

Getting a girl’s number should be as simple as finding out her name, often boys are too nervous or use the wrong techniques to get it.

It is for this reason that many girls refuse, and you end up believing that the girl is presumptuous or that you are a loser.

In this entry, I will show you the 6 ways to get a girl’s number and not die trying.

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