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Myths of women and their sexuality that you should stop believing

That usually do not want sex, that orgasms take longer and that the older she gets the libido goes, are some of the many myths that revolve around female sexuality.

The Huffington Post site collected some beliefs and demystified them. Then we leave you five of them.

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Keys to understanding women in matters of love

Does it worry me to make him fall in love or that I really fall in love with him?

It is the great question that many women feel when starting a relationship and that many men assume that alone, with their attitude and good vibes they can make women fall in love and, the truth is that it is not so.

In the video, you can see 5 everyday phrases that women usually use when they fall in love. Judge them yourself!

(The phrases were taken from a widely visited article on the Internet).


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Ways to seduce a woman

All men have ever wondered how to seduce a woman to fall at their feet, perhaps at a young age, or after suffering several disappointments with the opposite sex.

If you are precisely in that male group, questioning how to seduce women, you have come to the right place because in this entry I will teach you just that, the advice to seduce and conquer a woman. Are you ready? Let’s go there.

It is likely that a moment of your life has come when you are afraid to stay alone, while you see other guys with the woman they want without really knowing how they have managed to get it.

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10 Signs to know if a woman likes you

Have you met a woman and do you think she likes you?

Do you want to know if you have any chance and want to make sure before asking for a meeting with her?

There are some signs that serve to know if a woman likes you, so attentive because we reveal them to you next.

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How to Approach a Girl and Impress Her Even if You Are Very Shy

Surely, you have been in that uncomfortable situation in which you want to approach a girl, but you do not know if you better try it later or if you risk it at the expense of thinking you are a stalker.

In these cases, it is useful to know precisely what to say and how to act, instead of racking your brains.

Here we will teach you how to approach a random woman and succeed in the attempt.

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Steps to turn your friend into your girlfriend

How to connect to a friend? Are you one of those men who * secretly * want to become your friend’s boyfriend? Do you say inside yourself?

If she knew that I’m dying for her, etc or You already declared yourself but she told you “I only love you as a friend”, or “I do not want us to ruin our friendship”, things like that ?.

Or are you telling yourself … today I’ll cheer up and I’ll tell her.

Well, if you have these feelings, let me tell you that you are not alone … I was there too.

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Compliments that every girl wants to hear

Yes, it is true: women are difficult beings to understand, sometimes they take things the wrong way, even when they are kind comments about them.

One of these examples may be when a kind gentleman (whether a couple, someone “more than a friend”, just a friend or anyone else), says “How beautiful you look today” and her brain automatically thinks (if her mouth does not say it before …) “Don’t I look pretty every day?”

Guys, do not despair: here we will leave you 5 compliments that every girl wants to hear and will accept in a good way:

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Keys to conquer an independent woman

Formerly, perhaps back in prehistory or even earlier, to conquer a woman, you had to give her an apron and a mop. This offensive and vulgar joke has lasted over the years and seems to be transmitted from generation to generation.

Currently, men go liberal and liberal, want (outwardly teeth) an independent woman, and apparently (which is not the same as certainty) flee from the helpless damsels waiting in a tower to get their prince charming to rescue them.

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Tips to conquer today’s woman

Although the gallantry in social networks is a new weapon to make women ‘fall’, the gentleman will never go out of fashion.

That is why women still want they open the door for them, bring them the chair and help them with the heavy packages, these are infallible details when it comes to drawing their attention.

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Tips on how to conquer a woman

When a man seeks advice to conquer a girl, he is usually interested in some phrase or compliment to get her attention. Or some detail that allows you to express your feelings.

However, women do not care so much about compliments or gifts.

What really interests them is a man who has character.

For this reason, the best tips for conquering women are about how to improve your personality.

We present you then 3 Tips on how to conquer a woman.

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