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How To Be A Most Interesting Successful And Attractive Man

Attracting women can be simple. If you are handsome or simply educated, you are likely to get more than one to come and talk to you.

The difficult thing is the next step: to awaken interest so that she continues looking for you and can advance in a common relationship. To be interesting is to go a step forward because it is in making women intrigued and wanting to keep in touch with you.

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Things that men do not understand about women and Facebook solves them

On Facebook, a count of funny memes and with some common sense hints in a very sarcastic way what would be the true meaning of women’s behavior, perfect for men, who for the most part, claim not to understand women.

It will have happened more than once, that you have heard the phrase ‘Who understands women?’

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Dressing mistakes men should avoid

Do you want to look irresistible and all women die to go out with you?

We know that this is the dream of every ‘macho’ that respects himself, right?

Well, under that slogan we share with you some fashion tips, so you don’t leave a bad impression with your style.

Who says that men should not dress well and that is women’s exclusive thing?

Big mistake!

These tips come thanks to the BuzzFeed portal.

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10 Things that make all women go crazy

You like a girl and you do not know how to maker like you, you minimize yourself and you feel that you are very ugly for someone as ‘perfect’ as she is.

Suddenly a boy arrives who is everything but handsome but who manages to conquer her, how did he do it?

Well, simple, he probably has these 10 attitudes that drive all women crazy.

Pay close attention, because here lies the secret to becoming irresistible.

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At what age are men more attractive?

The attraction between people is often based on the physical and what a person can externalize. However, sometimes it can also be produced by what age reveals.

“For love, there is no age,” says one saying, but many times women prefer not to look at men under 30 because they look like insecure, immature and emotionally unstable.

It is said that men win in charisma and attractiveness according to the years, that is, they are like wine, the older, the better.

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Conquest tips so she never forgets you

The way you seduce her and kiss her will be key for her to remember you forever.

It’s not about falling in love with you, these tips are for those couples who know each other, spend time and moments together and who consider it important that that person never forgets them.

There are many things you can do but only 5 have been selected according to surveys carried out in the network.

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Techniques most used by women to seduce

Gestures, movements, looks, know the things a girl does to conquer you in a game where words are not used.

The body language of a person says much more than we can express with words.

Davis Givens, who wrote the book “Love Signals”, shares what are the 5 gestures that women use most to seduce a man.

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Signs that she is crazy about you

If she is a woman who expresses herself with her body, pay attention to her movements that are the ones that say more than a thousand words.

Whether you like it or not, you’re about to discover it.

Many times the body of them say much more and in fact say the specialists that in their movements is the key to know that she is happy with you and that she likes you too much.

We share some signs that they do when they are in love with you.

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Tips that will help you avoid falling into infidelity

Do you feel that you are about to fall into temptation? Follow these tips to avoid it.

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Things that women hate about men over 30

If you have overcome the barrier of 30 and still can not succeed in love, then you will probably begin to feel that your good years are numbered.

This is not entirely true, because they love the maturity and stability that goes with overcoming the third decade, however, there are also aspects with which you must be careful as they can become a barrier to achieving your emotional goals.

Here are the five things that women hate about men over 30:

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