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Types of men that attract more women

His characteristics are very clear and attractive. The important thing is that having something of everyone, adding confidence and naturalness can be the key to success when conquering.

We can not deny that in matters of taste, we almost always have a pattern. Women are attracted to men who conquer them with their intellect; to others, perhaps, with their attention. Some more think that he is risky and proactive.

The truth is that experts in couples and seduction have defined which are the personalities that most attract women and which are those that do not generate so much interest, but that, paradoxically, are the ones that offer the most stability.

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Signs that she is playing with you

Ways to know if that girl is doubling, she is not going for something serious or simply is not worth your time.

Sure, you’ve probably had unstable relationships in the past, some ex-girlfriends with certain problems, but nothing is worse than getting excited with a woman and that girl you’re dating is just playing games with you.

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Things that a woman will never tell you

Feelings that they prefer to hide before they feel vulnerable or feel hurt …

It is a phrase that is not far from reality because many women prefer to keep their feelings to say what they are really thinking for many reasons, which can range from shame to respect (They do not want to hurt your heart).

So for you to love them more and understand them a bit, check this list of things that a woman will never tell you, that shares a specialized magazine for gentlemen “Men’s Health”.

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Characteristics of men that inspire love in women

The physical is not everything when it comes to conquering a woman. Here are some traits that will make you irresistible.

The physical is not everything in a person. Many women fall in love with physically unattractive boys, for their way of being and for how they show themselves before the problems of life.

But what are the traits that a man must have to be irresistible?

To find out, Paloma Corredor, a writer, and journalist specializing in couples, created a list of 10 Characteristics of men that inspire love in women.

Discover if you have all these qualities.

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Tips for Having an Alpha Man’s Body Language

An alpha man radiates masculinity and attractiveness to women because of his self-confidence and naturalness.

According to the non-verbal communication expert Jesús Rojas, the contemporary alpha man is a mixture of strength, maturity, joviality, and initiative to communicate.

In order to attract women successfully, it is necessary to act like an alpha man.

But how to obtain the same qualities that distinguish alpha men? You will do it through the body language of an alpha man.

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Tips To Flirt On Facebook

As we explained in a previous post, almost all social networks can be used to connect with other people.

Nowadays it is common to have a Facebook profile because it is very useful to establish and maintain relationships.

But how can you flirt on Facebook?

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Tips to conquer a girl by Instant Messager

The Internet has become a tool for daily communication and schools have emerged to attract and seduce women by this means.

Of the tools available to attract a woman, the Instant Messager is one of the most important.

To conquer by Instant Messager you need to have had a previous contact with the girl you like, and she must have enough confidence with you to give you her Instant Messager.

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Tips to use jokes to conquer a woman

An idea present in the teachings of all masters of seduction is that you have to make a woman laugh so that she can fall in love with you.

With laughter, she can relax and enjoy your company. If you can also move her, she will be attracted to you.

This does not mean you have to tell jokes to conquer a woman … But is it forbidden? No, there is only one thing that is forbidden in the art of seduction:
You are prohibited from acting as a clown.

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Questions to seduce

To conquer women it is vital to be able to start fun conversations. However, more is needed to be able to connect emotionally with them. Questions are needed to seduce.

Although you must be prepared to hold 80% of the conversation, they need to talk about themselves. And that they talk about something more than what they like to do on Sundays or what they work on.

You have to make her talk about her feelings.

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Invitations to approach that you will receive from a woman

Let’s face it, learning to read the signals that women send us can be truly complicated. Sometimes we misinterpret them, and we make false moves or lose excellent opportunities to connect to them.

So that does not happen to you, in this entry we will teach you to read signs that a woman can send you when she wants you to come and talk with her. This way you will know that you are walking in safe terrain, and you are not going to risk an awkward moment.

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