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Ways to give security to a woman after having attracted her

I want to clarify that in this video I do not speak of a one-night stand, that is to say of the fact of knowing a woman and going to bed with her in the same night.

Of course, this is possible, but it implies very different things. What I mean now is a relationship in which it is included to meet two or more times before having sex.

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How to forget your ex-girlfriend

Ending a relationship is painful; It does not matter if you have left her or if she has left you.

Maybe if she leaves you it’s harder to cope because you did not expect it, but the feeling is the same. From now on it’s up to you to radically change your routine and stop sharing your time with that person.

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Things a man can do to improve his appearance in the morning

Lately, men are worrying more about their physical appearance much more than before and therefore, there are different important brands that have launched products to establish a special beauty routine for them.

In that sense, everyone likes to dawn with a good appearance in the morning.

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Tips to conquer a woman

When we start dating a woman that attracts us, we want to make things as good as possible, here I leave you 5 tips to fully conquer her:

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Most common mistakes that men make on a first date

What woman has not had a first date and wanted to leave running away from it?, your fashion social network, tells you the 7 most common mistakes that men make on a first date and what is what women are really expecting from them.

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Topics to Talk to Women on a date

Since many have asked me to put a list of topics to talk to women, here I will put a list of things to talk with them the next time you go out with a girl.

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Sexy gestures that men make and women love

Men can not only attract women with roses, gifts and beautiful words.

There are attitudes, situations and sexy gestures that make them more interesting before women’s eyes. If the woman is able to detect, it can be said that she was trapped by male charms.

There will be for those who an extremely sexy man is one that measures 1.80, has an athletic body and dress casually.

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Reasons not to be friends with your ex

After a couple breakup, it is time to make decisions.

One of the most important is to mark the distance from that story to turn the page.

However, many people prolong the attachment through the message “we can be friends”.

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Tips to capture the gestures of female body language

When a woman is interested in a man, she flirts with him but sometimes he does not correspond.

Isn’t he attracted to the girl?

Probably yes, but maybe he has not understood any of her signs of interest.

In her eyes, she made all the gestures and body language of attraction necessary to get the boy’s attention, but he did not respond.

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How to know if my wife is unfaithful

If you have asked yourself How to know if my wife is unfaithful, it must be because her behavior seems suspicious to you.

There are several indications that will show you what is happening in your marriage.

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