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10 Things that women find sexy in men

There are many things that have nothing to do with the physical that differentiates an “X” man from a sexy one.

Women see a little beyond the physical and the muscles and concentrate on things that last and make a man special.

Do you want to know how women think?

In this list, we present the things that women find sexy in men.

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Ways to Know If Your Wife Deceives you

How to know if my wife cheats me? This is a question that many men ask themselves when they see sudden changes in their wives’ attitudes.

When an infidelity happens, the deceived couple says “If he had seen the signs” and looking back the signs were often obvious.

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Signs that a woman plays with you

Relationships in themselves are complicated.

Even more difficult if you suspect that the woman you’re dating is just playing with you.

She may seem the most beautiful, sweet and romantic girl. However, it does not always happen that appearances reflect true feelings.

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Signs That Your Girlfriend Had Sex With Another Man

If you suspect that your partner has had intimacy with someone else, you only need to review these signs.

Men are less discreet in relation to their furtive encounters, that is why they are quickly discovered, while women are so cautious, that it is difficult to discover what happens in intimacy.

However, (although it is not a fact) there are signs that indicate that most likely your partner has been with someone else:

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How to know when a woman is angry

Many times the man does not notice, but when women get angry, they usually give some clues.

Some speak little, are less affective or look the other way.

Others, on the contrary, exaggerate their emotions.

See these ten signs and discover if you are in the presence of an angry woman.

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Reasons why a woman moves away from a man

At some point in their lives, women have had to flirt to attract the attention of the guy that attracts them with the main goal of knowing him and knowing more about him, but if at one point she left him, perhaps it was because he wasn’t what she expected, for this reason, we present you 12 reasons why women stop dating a man.

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Types of men who attract women most

We will tell you about the prototype of men that women prefer. Take note!

What kind of man attracts women?

Well, apparently women have a stereotype of the ideal man in their minds.

Therefore, here we tell you which are the men that women prefer.

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Things women love in men

That men be kind, especially with family and friends, is one of the qualities women take much into account of their partner.

It is not just about falling in love, but about keeping that charm.

When a man falls in love with a woman is notorious, but for women to notice them, I will share some advice.

Things women love in men


1. Aroma.


The smell of the body plays an important role, so do not forget to use a good fragrance, I clarify that this does not have to be very strong because instead of pleasing her can make her uncomfortable.

Sometimes you are the last to know that the aroma you give off is not pleasant.

2. Friendly.


Being courteous without a doubt gives you to earn many points, especially to show yourself friendly with the family and friends of the girl, because not only because of the affection that she has for them, since this helps you so the impression that you leave on these people make the woman you like to notice it.

3. Decision.


They love men with determination, we do not necessarily talk about acting to act, whatever you decide has to be thought, but above all this attitude shows security, and that fascinates them.

4. Thoughtful.


Being attentive to women is undoubtedly a sign that you are interested, that is why you have to be attentive and know at what time you can be thoughtful, and we do not necessarily talk about expensive gifts because even a letter or phrase written on a napkin can make her fall in love.

5. Anniversaries.


Among the things that are found as an “Achilles heel” we can add being clueless, and that is that we usually forget dates, so if you do not feel identified with this, congratulations because they love that you do not forget those days special and important.


Signs that indicate she wants to have sex with you

The sexual tension increases and the chemistry rise unexpectedly.

You do not stop thinking how beautiful she looks with that dress and the security that she carries with her provokes you even more.

She stares into your eyes as you speak and from time to time, she slides her gaze to your lips to make you a little more nervous than you already are.

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Qualities that make a man more attractive regardless of his physical

It is likely that on some occasion you have seen a beautiful woman with a very unattractive man and have been surprised.

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